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The sub-forum for WalrusIRC, an IRC-linked shoutbox, as well as DarkestEx and Cumred_Snektron's post notifiers. Other major site browsing tools might be discussed here when applicable.
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Unirse Started by u/DarkestEx • May 17, 2015, 09:12:02 AM

CodeWalr.us Post Notifier [Windows] [Mac] [Linux]

Hey, everybody!As I already said, I've been working on a PC version of a CodeWalrus Post Notifier.The notifier will run on Windows, Linux and Mac.It's written in C#, without WinForms but with GTK and is 100% Mono compatible. Target framework is .NET 4.0 but could be even lower.The source code is (yeah, this time I'm publishing source!) available under the MIT Licence at GitHub: Additional hel...
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Unirse Started by u/Yuki • January 22, 2017, 04:51:37 AM

Matrix Server

NOTE: Server is currently offline until further notice. Thanks!So I see there's a bunch of Matrix users here, so naturally, I started a channel on there. So if you're on there you can join room #codewalrus:codewalr.us and join the fun!If you're new to this, a good client is : it features browser, desktop and mobile apps. You can either register an account with any homeserver available (default is matrix.org but you can easily run your own) or use our custom homeserver http://code...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • June 16, 2015, 03:30:57 AM

WalrusIRC is down? Please complain here!

Any idea why WalrusIRC is down right now?
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Unirse Started by u/Yuki • January 16, 2015, 08:14:10 AM

WalrusIRC - An OmnomIRC rewrite

I'm working on an alternate OmnomIRC client (not a complete rewrite but it's pretty much rewriting the www part, so you'd still have to install and run OmnomIRC beforehand, and it'll be compatible with it so you can run both www clients at the same time. Maybe it'll eventually replace the rest too so you won't have to install OmnomIRC? We'll see. It could probably turn into a complete rewrite.) and it's gonna eventually replace this chatbox you see at the top once done. Features - Uses node...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • December 09, 2015, 05:49:50 PM

WalrusIRC scrolling bug on Android

I noticed some issue on Android with WalrusIRC scrolling but I don't know when it started happening: If you scroll up all the time, then it's fine, but if you scroll down, you instantly jump at the very bottom, then a second time if you scroll up immediately afterwards.This can be annoying for reading logs.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • September 16, 2015, 04:39:45 AM

How to set WalrusIRC bots/users on /ignore [tutorial]

Although WalrusIRC lacks an ignore feature like OmnomIRC had, it is still possible to ignore users in it  by using extra tools, thanks to a CSS update by Streetwalrus earlier. While it is not the most ideal solution, it can still do the job until Juju implements a real ignore feature in the shoutbox.In order to do it, you need to install the browser extension called Stylish. Once done, create a new style in it with the following settings, but change "arandomuser" to an actual IRC user nick: ...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 17, 2016, 02:12:32 PM

WalrusIRC no longer works from certain topics

WalrusIRC no longer works from certain topics. It will remain empty.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • March 02, 2016, 01:27:18 AM

The ability to downvote and upvote IRC messages from WalrusIRC

I think it would be good if WalrusIRC had the ability to downvote specific lines of text like we can do with posts, but like the forums, only 1 line every 8 hour could be downvoted.The reason why I am suggesting this is because I have the impression that the lack of downvoting could be used as a tactic to start drama on IRC and get away with it and some people seems to insist on discussing politics and other controversial stuff on IRC and refuse to move the discussion to forums. The same problem...
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Unirse Started by u/Snektron • April 16, 2015, 01:34:08 PM

[Android] CodeWalrus Post Notifier

For our computer science class we (@brentmaas, @TheCoder1998 and me) need to do a project. We hadto come up with a project ourselves. The first thing i did was send a mail to DJ, since i saw people would like a post notifier a while before.Since we were quite busy at the time, we decided to delay developement untill we had some free time, which is about now.We have to keep a log and everything too, so we'll be using this topic to notify of developement updates. Language: Since the default A...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • November 27, 2015, 04:40:08 PM

WalrusIRC sometimes won't send text

WalrusIRC sometimes won't send text. This started happening yesterday.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • October 24, 2015, 06:03:10 PM

Something lags like mad (Pentium 100 MHz style) in WalrusIRC right now

Something lags like mad in WalrusIRC right now. When I scroll through the chat on my computer and Nexus 5, it scrolls like if I was using a Pentium 100 MHz with 16 MB of RAM. Could there be something in the chat or code or server issues that are causing this? Because I had this happen since the last few hours or so on any Internet connection.The lag always seems to happen around those lines: * W-801 set mode +l 41 11:02:02 AMCumred_Snektron hey kid 11:03:21 AMCumred_Snektron wanna buy some...
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Unirse Started by u/DarkestEx • October 03, 2015, 06:30:31 PM

WalriiQuiz - Which walrus are you?

After some playing with personality quizzes and talking on WIRC, I want to make a Walrii personality quiz, where you have to answer questions and get the Walrii that matches you best.I will do all PHP and possibly all HTML and CSS (if nobody wants to style it) and I need your help.Please post: Walriis that should participate Categories and values for the Walriis Questions for the categories and their values I hope we can make it come true and maybe host it on ...
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Unirse Started by u/Yuki • December 17, 2014, 11:03:21 PM


It's our post notifier bot I just wrote, along with a few features I should probably write (based on Eeems' EeeZorBot framework). Features - Notifies of posts made on CodeWalrus- Provides services to the IRC channels How it works The forum software simply sends an UDP packet to the bot which posts it on IRC. Probably the simplest and the fastest way so it won't lag at all. I chose UDP because it's a connectionless protocol, unlike TCP. Restart Should you have the need restart it (...
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Unirse Started by u/Snektron • June 10, 2015, 07:37:24 PM

[Android] Mobile CodeWalrus post notifier - Release :w00t:

Heya!After a while in developement, we finally decided to release the mobile notifier! Features: - Last 10 posts can be viewed from the app.- Images are also displayed in the app- most bb tags are also parsed- Double tap a post to open it in the browser.- Service sending a push-notification when a new posts is made.- Changable time between update checks. - Enable / Disable service.- Enable / Disable mobile data used to check for updates. Known bugs: - There is a bug in android 4.4.2 w...
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Unirse Started by u/DarkestEx • May 11, 2015, 09:24:04 PM

Pollwalrus API and Desktop Post Notifier

Hello sses!I am working on a convenient API and desktop notifier for post replies.The API is currently located here: .It outputs data using minified json and reads a number of get parameters over http.If the client supports it, the data is sent using gzip compression.The API is publicly usable for anybody who wants to make a post notifier for CW and should really not be overused (normal polling every m...
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Unirse Started by u/DarkestEx • May 01, 2015, 12:28:00 PM

About killing YukiBot and Walrifried

Lets see:this is how to kill YukiBot and Walrifried:Just paste this into the irc or WalrusIrc box and hit return (long or infinite datastream): or That should kill the bots.And to freeze the bot use this (not working, using infinite redirects):
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 11, 2015, 04:41:45 PM

WalrusIRC disabled until further notice

Due to a security exploit, WalrusIRC has been disabled until further notice. Please use OmnomIRC for the time being instead (go to profile->Group Membership then join the "OmnomIRC mode" usergroup).WalrusIRC will be re-enabled once the bug has been fixed and that anything that can disrupt your CodeWalrus browsing experience has been deleted from the OIRC/WIRC logs.
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