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Something lags like mad (Pentium 100 MHz style) in WalrusIRC right now

Started by DJ Omnimaga, October 24, 2015, 06:03:10 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

Something lags like mad in WalrusIRC right now. When I scroll through the chat on my computer and Nexus 5, it scrolls like if I was using a Pentium 100 MHz with 16 MB of RAM. Could there be something in the chat or code or server issues that are causing this? Because I had this happen since the last few hours or so on any Internet connection.

The lag always seems to happen around those lines:

Quote*   W-801 set mode +l 41   11:02:02 AM
Cumred_Snektron   hey kid   11:03:21 AM
Cumred_Snektron   wanna buy some the game?   11:03:27 AM
Cumred_Snektron   ┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬   11:03:28 AM
*   Ivoah has joined the channel   11:04:35 AM
*   W-805 set mode +v Ivoah   11:04:47 AM
*   W-802 has joined the channel   11:05:06 AM
*   Strtwlrs has joined the channel   11:05:16 AM
*   W-805 set mode +o W-802   11:05:18 AM
*   W-803 set mode +o W-802   11:05:19 AM
*   Walrified post by DJ Omnimaga on Re: Restauration and modernisation of an old rotary dial phone   11:05:19 AM
*   W-801 set mode +v Strtwlrs   11:05:28 AM
DJ Omnimaga   Tongue   11:05:47 AM
*   W-801 set mode +l 44   11:12:03 AM
Cumred_Snektron      11:12:17 AM
W-801 image/png (46.41 KB)   11:12:18 AM
Cumred_Snektron   hm   11:12:23 AM
Cumred_Snektron   thatsa 8000x6000 white image Tongue   11:12:36 AM
*   Cumred_Snektron plays with compression   11:12:52 AM
Caleb   Audio-video player I'd recommend on PC? Windows Media Player   11:32:14 AM
Cumred_Snektron   ^   11:34:52 AM
Cumred_Snektron   who downloads video's anyway   11:35:19 AM
Cumred_Snektron   movies, okay   11:35:38 AM
Cumred_Snektron   they are mostly mp4 anyway   11:35:56 AM
*   DJ Omnimaga eats Cumred   11:48:02 AM
*   Legimet has joined the channel   11:49:13 AM
*   Walrified post by DJ Omnimaga on Re: Funny (and awesome) picture thread   11:50:20 AM
Cumred_Snektron   ohnoe   11:54:14 AM
Cumred_Snektron   im being eaten 11:54:24 AM
*   Giraffe_ has joined the channel   11:58:52 AM
DJ Omnimaga :walrii: 1:09:12 PM


I blame the 8000x6000 white image being posted directly on the image uploader.

Fun fact: a 10000x10000 image viewed in Internet Explorer 6 could BSoD some old computers with a certain graphic card with a bug in the driver so it's theorically possible WalrusIRC would cause a BSoD.
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DJ Omnimaga

Oh, that could be it. >.< Mind making WalrusIRC only display images that are under a certain width/height or adding an option to disable automatic image display? It might also be good to remove the http/www from that particular image link to prevent lag.


That reminds me of a (now fixed) bug which would cause Xorg to crash when displaying huge images in Firefox on the open source Radeon driver. :P

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah I think I read something like that before, but it involved Internet Explorer IIRC.

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