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Dream of Omnimaga's music & merch

b/Music 2000 (MTVMG) Started by Dream of Omnimaga, December 02, 2014, 01:36:19 AM

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u/Dream of Omnimaga February 21, 2024, 05:13:54 AM

My new album Hardcore for the 21st is now out at the above URL and at other stores:

It only includes hardcore music (some of which will probably be eventually remade into electronic power metal or vice-versa).
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u/Dream of Omnimaga April 19, 2024, 02:03:42 AM
The release of the electronic game metal music album "Metal is Like a Fantasy" was made earlier than planned at 12 AM France time instead of Quebec time due to a violent glow-in-the-dark unicorns storm that just hit Quebec City. I managed to end the invasion rapidly by releasing the album at that different time zone to end their madness. Here is the link to all stores on which it's available:

① Metal is Like a Fantasy
Epic metal inspired track inspired by "Blind Guardian" and "Rhapsody of Fire", featuring remixes of "Be my Best", "Firestorm", "Hardcore is Like a Fantasy", "Maximum Liquidation" and "Capture of the Far East Desert".

② 99 Swords and Potions
This one is about old JRPG games where you could hold unrealistically high amount of items and equipment in your otherwise tiny backpack as you traveled from one dungeon to another. It shows even more the shift towards the electronic and gaming side of the music more than the other tracks and for some reasons it sounds reminiscent of some "Jean-Jacques Goldman" material from France.

③ Total Losing of The Game
Among all the tracks on this album this is probably the closest to my typical electronic metal style. Inspired by "Dream of Omnimaga" and "Of Hope and Success", this track about arcade games is a remix of both "Super Ultimate Mega Doom" and "Scream" combined together into one feels-good melodic metal track.

④ Quest Save Erased
This track was inspired from a recent "AVGN" episode where the Nerd loses his "Final Fantasy VI" save data after a game crash and is about the unstable nature of old game and software save mediums. It is also a remix of my UK hardcore tracks "Rave Maelstrom".

⑤ Rainbow Unicorns' Arson
This one tries to have a name that is over the top and it's a electronic power metal remix of my old tracks "The Winter Trance", "The Summer Trance" and "Techno Strike". This tracks introduce low piano bass notes to the overall style.

⑥ Imperio Pop
Inspired from pop music (especially the 80's), this track ended up sounding a bit reminiscent of "Heavenly" band stuff in its electronic power metal form.

⑦ The Four Stupid Elemental Crystals
This track is about generic role-playing games from the late 80's and early 90's where all you had to do is search for the four elemental crystals to save the world and now having to search for them yet again.

⑧ Riot in the Enchanted Forest
This track is a follow-up to the previous one and adds the extra sound heard in "Imperio Pop". It is inspired by Nightwish to a certain extent.

⑨ Metal is Like a Fantasy (Short version)
It is a remix of my track "Hardcore is Like a Fantasy" into electronic power metal , but it has a little more synth effects than my 2011-2023 tracks of this genre.
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