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DJ Omnimaga's music & t-shirts

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 02, 2014, 01:36:19 AM

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DJ Omnimaga

December 02, 2014, 01:36:19 AM Last Edit: April 14, 2020, 09:47:04 PM by DJ Omnimaga
As some of you here know, besides calculator programming I also did electronic music.

Back in 2002 I mostly did stuff that would fall into trance and eurodance, along with a few experimental dance songs, then I quit music making in January 2004, as my software CD broke. In December 2006 I started again and also started making UK/happy hardcore songs. Later I also did non-dance music, but not a lot of it. Some songs were gonna be used for a video game I was working on but never finished. By 2009 I kinda drifted away from music, though, so my releases became more and more sparse. My last song ever was made in May 2010, for the Axe Parser Tribute Video on Youtube, and is called Quest for the Legendary Axe.

Anyway, here are my songs if you happen to like electronic dance/rave music or what many people mislabel as "techno". WARNING! There are a few splittercore songs scattered among those and some songs have poor sound quality, as they were recorded with a mic back in 2002-2003. A lot of the 2002-2004 stuff is much lower quality, too. Some songs may be missing as well. I'm not sure if you will like my stuff if you are only into Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Benni Benassi, Basshunter and other mainstream dance artists, though.


Full-lenght albums:
(2003) Kevin Ouellet's Omnidance
(2003) Kevin Ouellet's Omnidance 2
(2007) Epic Journey through the Galaxy
(2007) Journey through the Moon Dark Side
(2007) Enter the Dream World
(2007) Angel in the Stars
(2008) It's the End of Time
(2009) Destiny Knight
(2011) Tales of the Knight of the Moon
(2014) Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga (Special Edition)
(2017) In UK Hardcore and Dance we Trust
(2017) Illegal Music Chemistry
(2017) Hardcore Spectrum Disorder
(2019) Maze of Life
(2019) Hardcore Bloodbath

(2007) Hardcore Armageddon (DJ Mix)
(2012) A Decade of Omnidance (2002-2012)
(2012) A Decade of Omnidance (2002-12)

(2020) Ride the 90's

(2019) Superstar Hero - The Original Soundtrack

My Youtube channel also has remixes, mash-ups and covers of other songs that I do not plan to include on Bandcamp.

DJ Omnimaga T-Shirts

Apple Music:

Album artworks:

My discography follows:
QuoteThis is the updated list (2020), which now includes cover songs and remixes of copyrighted material:

2003 - Omnidance
 Side A
 1. Dancing Legend
 2. Neo
 3. Trita Trance
 4. Chrono Breaks
 5. Neo (Trance Remix)
 6. Techno Strike
 7. Space Dance
 Side B
 1. Final Battle
 2. New Beginning
 3. Capcom - SNES Demon's Crest - Beyond the Colloseum (DJ Omnimaga cover)
 4. Star Knight
 5. Ultimate End 2003
 6. Moon Knight
 7. Revenge

2003 - Omnidance 2
 Side A
 1. The Last Time You'll Rock
 2. Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer (DJ Omnimaga Cover)
 3. Firestorm
 4. Neo (Dance Remix)
 5. Sky Mage Melody
 6. The Summer Trance
 7. The Chemist
 Side B
 1. Ultimate End
 2. Ritual of the House
 3. Indra and Shiva (long version)
 4. S.O.S Trance
 5. S.O.S Hardcore
 6. Other World

2007 - Epic Journey Through The Galaxy
 1. Summer Trance
 2. Epic Journey Through The Galaxy
 3. Techno Strike
 4. Firestorm
 5. Ultimate End
 6. Moment of Thought
 7. The Winter Trance
 8. Firestorm (Trance Remix)
 9. New Beginning
 10. Scream

2007 - Journey Through the The Moon Dark Side
 1. A New World to Discover
 2. Journey Through The Moon Dark Side
 3. Other World
 4. Dreamland
 5. Apocalypse
 6. Firestorm (UK Hardcore Remix)
 7. Land of Mysteries
 8. Indra and Shiva
 9. Nightmare in the Rave
 10. Dancing Legend

2007 - Enter The Dream World
 1. Through the Infinity
 3. Chrono Breaks
 4. The Last Time You'll Rock
 5. Hardcore Overkill
 6. Deep Under The Shadows
 7. Dancing Legend 2007
 8. Chaos Inside Me
 9. Ultra Beat
 10. Hold On

2007 - Hardcore Armageddon (DJ mix)
 1. Firestorm (U.K. Hardcore Remix)
 2. Hold On
 3. A New World to Discover
 4. Land of Mysteries
 5. Dreamland
 6. Enter the Dream World
 7. Journey through the Moon Dark Side
 8. Chrono Breaks
 9. Epic Journey Through the Galaxy
 10. The Last Time You'll Rock
 11. Through the Infinity
 12. Hardcore Overkill
 13. Scream
 14. Moment of Thought (Bonus Track)*

2007 - Angel in the Stars
 1. Once Upon a Time
 2. Angel in the Stars
 3. Techno Revolution
 4. A New World To Discover 2008
 5. Journey Through The Moon Dark Side (Fantasy Remix)
 6. Neo
 7. Speedcore Evil Massacre
 8. Star Knight
 9. Timgul
 10. Happy Hardcore
 11. Neo (Trance Remix)
 12. Trita Trance
 13. S.O.S. Hardcore
 14. Escape From Life
 15. Techno Revolution (2007 Extended Mix)

2008 - It's the End of Time
 1. Free As In Core
 2. It's the End of Time
 3. Grooving to the Melody
 4. Trancimaga
 5. Techno Strike 3000
 6. Imagination
 7. Void
 8. Grooving to the Melody (Acid Dream Remix)
 9. Journey Through the Dark Side of the Moon 2008
 10. Pulse Groove
 11. 1000 BPM To Rule Them All
 12. Epic Journey Through The Galaxy 2008
 13. Final Battle
 14. Ice
 15. Unknown Truth From the Forbidden Land

2008 - Destiny Knight
 1. Welcome Back In 1995
 2. Destiny Knight
 3. S.T.H.U.M.S.O.B
 4. Everest
 5. The Good Old Days
 6. Super Ultimate Mega Doom
 7. Dark Abyss
 8. Everest (Extended Mix)
 9. Grooving to the Melody (Trance Remix)
 10. Trancing Through The 8-Bit Land
 11. Euro Blast From The Past
 12. Trancimaga (Short Version)
 13. X-Mas Core
 14. Superstar Hero
 15. Trancimaga (Happy Hardcore Remix)

2011 - Tales of the Knight of the Moon
 1. Tales of the Knight of the Moon
 2. The Lunar Warrior
 3. Metal of Time
 4. The Game That We Lost
 5. Ride Through the 4th Dimension
 6. La Porte Du Soleil
 7. Xaminaga
 8. The Land of Hopelessness
 9. Quest For The Legendary Axe
 10. The Warrior Says Goodbye
 11. Metal of Time Demo (Bonus Track)*
 12. Merry Metal Time (Bonus Track)*
 13. Xaminaga Demo (Bonus Track)*

2012 - A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012)
1. Magic Hardcore
2. New Beginning 2012
3. Trancimaga (2009 Happy Hardcore Version)
4. Epic Journey Through The Galaxy
5. Not Another Hardcore Remix
6. Angel In The Stars
7. Free As In Core
8. It's The End Of Time
9. Journey Through The Moon Dark Side 2008
10. Unknown Truth From The Forbidden Land
11. Timgul
12. Return From The Forbidden Land
13. A New World To Discover 2008
14. Trancimaga 2012
15. Journey Through The Moon Dark Side
16. Happy Hardcore
17. The Last Time You'll Rock
18. Firestorm
19. S.O.S. Hardcore
20. A New World To Discover
21. Destiny Knight
22. Enter The Dream World
23. Imagination
24. Land of Mysteries
25. Moment Of Thought
26. Dreamland
27. Firestorm (UK Hardcore Remix)
28. Hold On
29. Unknown Truth From The Forbidden Land 2009
30. Epic Journey Through The Galaxy 2008
31. Chrono Breaks
32. Scream
33. S.T.H.U.M.S.O.B
34. X-Mas Core
35. Through The Infinity

2012 - A Decade of Omni Dance (2002-12)
1. The Last Hurrah of Omnidance
2. Dark Abyss
3. Trancimaga
4. Grooving to the Melody
5. Welcome Back in 1995
6. The Good Old Days
7. Grooving to the Melody (Trance Remix)
8. Trancing through the 8-Bit Land
9. Everest
10. Dark Eurodance
11. Trance of Time
12. Grooving to the Melody (Acid Dream Remix)
13. Moon Knight
14. Ice
15. Space Dance
16. Grooving to the Melody (Happy Hardcore Remix)
17. Pulse Groove
18. Once Upon a Time
19. Eurobeatizer
20. La Porte du Soleil (Italo-Disco Remix)
21. Techno Revolution
22. Firestorm (Trance Remix)
23. New Beginning
24. The Summer Trance
25. Dancing Legend
26. The Winter Trance
27. Void
28. Trita Trance
29. Techno Strike
30. Star Knight
31. Other World
32. Neo (Trance Remix)
33. Indra and Shiva
34. Final Battle
35. Euro Blast from the Past
36. Dancing Legend 2007
37. Techno Strike 3000
38. Chaos Inside Me
39. Techno Revolution (2007 Extended Mix)
40. Deep Under the Shadows
41. Everest (Extended Mix)
42. Apocalypse
43. Neo
44. Nightmare in the Rave
45. Frozen Danger
46. Ultra Beat
47. Ultimate End
48. Revenge
49. The Chemist
50. Neo (Dance Remix)
51. Ritual of the House
52. Welcome Back in 1996 (Demo Version)
53. Void (Demo Version)
54. Trancimaga (Demo Version)
55. Epic Journey through the Galaxy (2006 Demo)
56. Ultimate End 2003 (Bonus Track)*
57. Indra and Shiva (Long Version) (Bonus Track)*
58. S.O.S. Trance (Bonus Track)*
59. Scraps Medley (Dance) (Bonus Track)*

2013 - Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga
1. Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga
 2. Flash in the Sky
 3. The Star Knight
 4. Island of Mysteries
 5. Influence from Beyond the Sky
 6. Heading into the Final Battle
 7. Theola the One
 8. Die! Die! Die!
 9. One Axe to Save us All
 10. It's the End of Agony

2014 - Unfinished (Single)
 1. Unfinished
 2. Die! Die! Die! (Unused version)
 3. Heading into the Final Battle (Unused Version)
 4. It's the End of Agony (Unused version)
 5. Scraps Medley (Bonus Track)

2014 - Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga Special Edition
 1. Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga
 2. Flash in the Sky
 3. The Star Knight
 4. Island of Mysteries
 5. Influence from Beyond the Sky
 6. Heading into the Final Battle
 7. Theola the One
 8. Die! Die! Die!
 9. One Axe to Save us All
 10. It's the End of Agony
 11. Unfinished (Bonus Track)
 12. Die! Die! Die! (Unused version)
 13. Heading into the Final Battle (Unused Version)
 14. It's the End of Agony (Unused version)
 15. Merry Metal Time (Bonus Track)*

2017 - In UK Hardcore and Dance we Trust
1.Firestorm 2015 05:30   
2.In UK Hardcore we Trust 05:27   
3.New Beginning 2012 05:15   
4.Ancient Kingdom of Happy Hardcore 06:15   
5.Massaji 04:14   
6.Trancimaga 2012 04:11   
7.Trance of Time 03:17   
8.Magic Hardcore 05:27   
9.Grooving to the Melody (UK Hardcore Remix) 03:01   
10.Not Another Hardcore Remix 05:43   
11.Unknown Truth from the Forbidden Land 2009 03:51   
12.Dark Eurodance 03:38   
13.The Most Relaxing Song Ever 04:37   
14.Return from the Forbidden Lands 02:48   
15.The Last Hurrah of Omnidance 02:46   
16.Hard Chords Teal I Dye 04:25   
17.The Warrior Says Goodbye (UK Hardcore Remix) 04:55

2017 - Illegal Music Chemistry
1.The Reign of Legends 0 01:38   
2.Moon Knight 03:55   
3.Frozen Danger 01:44   
4.Mysterious Island 01:44   
5.9108 A.D. 01:32   
6.Space Dance 02:00   
7.Escape 320K 01:42   
8.Dark Story 01:54   
9.Generic Battle 01:29   
10.La Porte du Soleil (80's Remix) 04:52   
11.Eurobeatizer 03:28   
12.Sky Mage Melody 01:14   
13.S.O.S Trance 03:42   
14.Ritual of the House 04:02   
15.Revenge 03:34   
16.The Chemist 04:00   
17.Neo (Dance Remix) 04:33   
18.Indra and Shiva (Extended Mix) 09:53   
19.Ultimate End 2003 03:34   
20.Bonus Mega Track (Chiptune & Scraps) 08:39

2017 - Hardcore Spectrum Disorder
1.Beginning of a Superstar Hero Journey 00:59   
2.Rejection 04:18   
3.Apocalypse 2017 05:23   
4.Neo 2017 05:58   
5.120-08 03:56   
6.Ultra Beat 2017 05:37   
7.Hardcore Spectrum Disorder 08:14   
8.Destination 1999 A.D. 04:41   
9.An Obestian Tale 02:43   
10.Ultimate End 2017 05:16   
11.Uncertainty Horror 01:03   
12.Trita Trance 2017 05:16   
13.Elemental Cross 05:38   
14.Clouded Future 02:27   
15.An HSD Christmas of Freedom 04:10   
16.Frozen Danger (Remix) 01:12   
17.Ancient Kingdom of Happy Hardcore (Alternate Version) 06:15   
18.Eurodance Spectrum Disorder (Demo) 01:07   
19.Hardcore Spectrum Disorder (Radio Mix) 04:32

2019 - Maze of Life
1.Trolls of Harlaka 04:20   
2.Ears of Sarosto 04:20   
3.Califourchon 04:20   
4.Lost Decade 04:20   
5.Attack of the Nuclear Kittens 04:20   
6.The Ballad Song That Goes Bersek 04:20   
7.Don't Let Him Laugh 04:20   
8.Hardcore Rehab 04:20   
9.Maze of Life 04:20   
10.Eurodance Spectrum Disorder 04:20   
11.Moon Knight 2019 (free) 04:20   
12.The Summer Trance 2019 04:20   
13.Escalating Thoughts 04:20   
14.Quest for the Legendary Axe (UK Hardcore Remix) 04:20   
15.Ears of Sarosto (Alternate Mix) 04:20   
16.Lost Decade (Room K-4125 Mix) 04:20   
17.Lost Decade (C64 Mix) 04:20

2019 - Hardcore Bloodbath
1.Techno Strike 4000 04:34   
2.Gone Gangsta 03:17   
3.Don't Let Him Laugh (Retro Eurodance Remix) 05:15   
4.Journey into the Unexpected 02:46   
5.Eurodance Armada 04:43   
6.Metalimaga 04:24   
7.Rave Maelstrom 04:56   
8.New Quebec Order 03:56   
9.Techno Strike 5000 03:55   
10.Unknown Truth from the Forbidden Land 2019 04:35   
11.Kingdom of 32-Bit 04:55   
12.Hope is Right 05:10   
13.Happy Hardcore Dream 04:41   
14.Gluten-Free Hardcore 05:20   
15.Hardcore Bloodbath 04:57   
16.Moon Knight 2020 (free) 04:22   
17.Flight of the Ultimate-Ultra-Super-Mega Beast of the Giga-Realm of the Cutest Dragon in the World 03:48

2020 - Ride the 90's (Single)
1.Ride the 90's
2.Ride the 90's (Trance Remix)
3.Ride the 90's (Happy Hardcore Remix)
4.Ride the 90's (Square Remix)

Original songs not assigned to an album yet:
-Obelisk of Life

Cover songs (2002-11):
-Super Mario Bros 2 Credit Theme (DJ Omnimaga Demo Happy Hardcore Remix)      Nintendo
-Elements of Life (DJ Omnimaga Power Metal Demo Cover)      DJ Tiesto
-L'Esperanza (DJ Omnimaga Remix Demo)      Airscape
-Dance The Beat (DJ Omnimaga Remix)      Eurofrog   
-Sonic Ice Cap Zone (DJ Omnimaga Power Metal Remix)      Sega
-Never Gonna Give You Up (Power Metal Cover by DJ Omnimaga)      Rick Astley
-Never Gonna Give You Up (DJ Omnimaga Super Star Hero re-arrange)      Rick Astley
-Terra (DJ Omnimaga Trance Remix)      Square-Enix
-Secret Of Mana Theme Song (DJ Omnimaga Dream Trance Remix)      Square-Enix
-Never Gonna Give You Up (DJ Omnimaga UK Hardcore Instrumental)      Rick Astley
-Terra (DJ Omnimaga Italo-disco remix)      Square-Enix
-Alegría (DJ Omnimaga Happy Hardcore Instrumental)      Cirque Du Soleil
-Rhythm is a Dancer (DJ Omnimaga Remix)      SNAP!   
-Demon's Crest Beyond the Colosseum (DJ Omnimaga Dance Remix)      Capcom
-Final Fantasy Prelude (DJ Omnimaga Cover)   

Remixes and mashups (2003-09):
Spending my Time (DJ Omnimaga Remix)      Roxette
Disturbia vs. Grooving To The Melody      Rihanna vs DJ Omnimaga
Never Gonna Give You Up vs. Smooth Criminal      Rick Astley vs Michael Jackson
Never Gonna Give You Up vs. Call on Me      Rick Astley vs Eric Prydz
Never Gonna Give You Up vs A Savior Forthcoming (Trauma Center: Second Opinion)      Rick Astley vs Atlus
Never Gonna Give You Up VS. Take Me To Your Heart      Rick Astley
Never Gonna Give You Up (DJ Omnimaga UK Hardcore Remix)      Rick Astley
Voyager Sans Toi (DJ Omnimaga Remix)      Mario Pelchat
Tous Les Cris Les SOS (DJ Omnimaga Happy Hardcore Remix)      Marie Denise Pelletier
Alegría (DJ Omnimaga Happy Hardcore Remix)      Cirque Du Soleil   
Délivre Moi (DJ Omnimaga Happy Hardcore Remix)      Céline Dion
A New Day has Come (DJ Omnimaga Remix)      Celine Dion
Wheel Of Fortune (DJ Omnimaga Rave Remix)      Ace Of Base

*Asterisk denotes track that is only available on certain versions of the album

DJ Omnimaga


I updated the first post with a spoiler that contains all my album cover pictures.


Hmmm nice covers DJ, I didn't know the decade compilations were made of so many albums.
Also I lost. x.x

DJ Omnimaga

Thanks :D. Yeah the compilations were almost all my songs from 2002 to 2012 when I stopped doing dance songs for a while.

DJ Omnimaga

I'm unsure if this will go anywhere, but here is a chiptune version of the beginning of It's the End of Agony:

It's only my 2nd chiptune song so far and the 2nd one using Pocket Music for the Game Boy Color, but this time it doesn't use the two wave sample channels.


Read Zarmina!
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DJ Omnimaga

Thanks guys. Hopefully I can do some more chiptunes in the near future. It's hard with just 2 melody channels, though x.x


That's really cool. Do you record from the actual gameboy or do you use an emulator?
ceci n'est pas une signature

DJ Omnimaga

DJ Omnimaga

So I just realized something yesterday: my happy hardcore cover of Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga, named Ancient Kingdom of Happy Hardcore, was released the day before CodeWalrus was founded. Had I known that this site project would become a thing when I made the song, I could almost have named it The Day the Walrus Started to Fly or The Happy Hardcore Walrus Song. O.o

That is a coincidence and on Oct 24th the site name wasn't decided yet, but since the project codename was TI-Walrus at first, such song title would have been fitting, considering the name of the original song and the release date of the cover. :P


wow, didn't notice this before. And that is quite the list :o
Legends say if you spam more than DJ Omnimaga, you will become a walrus...

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

Wasn't the release date in purpose, I vaguely remember something like posting your music this day to avoid overlapping with CW, or I'm just getting crazy.

DJ Omnimaga

Nah it's just a coincidence. If no drama had happened the night after I released the song, it would probably only have postponed CW official founding date, as the writing was already on the wall for months and by early October it became clear it was inevitable.

That said, I could probably have renamed the song if the site name became different, because among the site names, the following were considered from oldest to newest:

Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga
Ancient Kingdom of DJ Omnimaga
Ancient Kingdom of Omnitia
Calc Legacy


Legends say if you spam more than DJ Omnimaga, you will become a walrus...

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