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Italo-disco, hi-NRG and 90's eurobeat By: DJ Omnimaga Date: December 04, 2014, 07:53:32 AM
Sometimes, italo-disco and hi-NRG are music genre that has stereotypes associated to them (especially You Spin me Right Round. If you talk about italo-disco people usually put the LGBT flag on you), but IMHO there are songs that are just too good to be ignored, unless you don't like electronic dance music. Italo-disco was derivated from american disco but elvolved into an electronic dance genre varying in tempo and intensity, to the point where it finally elvolved into the eurobeat we now see in Stepmania and DDR. It's definitively a weird genre and in many cases more minimalistic than eurodance, house, trance and such stuff and with horribly-translated English lyrics, but I personally enjoy it, unlike American disco. I tend to get bored faster from electronic music nowadays, though, and often fall back to my metalhead self, but I don't mind a bit of electronic music every few day. :)

Here is a song I found just now that is more hi-NRG (the faster branch of italo-disco from which japanese eurobeat originated). What I like about it is the melody and fantasy style:

this one was around when italo-disco popularity started shifting from Europe to Japan. You can definitively feel the DDR vibe (especially the GO! GO! screams at the start of the song) even though it dates back in 1990. This artist also went under the Initial D tagname and made the song Running in the 90's.

This one is pretty recent (yes, indie artists still do that stuff, including myself). Most 80's italo disco is around this BPM.

A cover song from me (although if I did it today the snare would be THAT powerful >.<)

Another fast song with heavy japanese influence. I think it's from the late 80's and there's even a Japanese version.

Those above are less known, though. Among the popular artists, there is Radiorama, Alphaville, Bad Boy Blue, Grant Miller and many others. I am not as much into the pre-1986 stuff, though, because it sounds too close to standard disco for my comfort. Anyway, I just thought I would share this different style of electronic music with you. :P

I also made italo disco myself

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