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[ti-83+/84+]Silence [hybrid basic][Axe]

Started by GuyInFreezer, January 12, 2016, 01:04:51 am

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January 12, 2016, 01:04:51 am Last Edit: April 21, 2016, 02:26:17 pm by DJ Omnimaga
Silence is a point-and-click game designed for TI-84+SE. (You can play it on 83+ as well but it's gonna take half of the space :P)
It's a game I made in 2011 and posted in ticalc.org and I'm uploading here with some minor fixes.


Warning: This game contains a huge amount of archive data (52k+ worth of data) and about a good amount of RAM.

DJ Omnimaga

You should add screenshots to the post. By the way this game was kinda cool, even if I'm normally not much into point and click games. I once made one called Illusiat 5, but it lasts just about a minute :P


This looks fairly fun. How long does the game last?

??? ??? ??? ??? ???


Hmm, usually 15~20 minutes? But then I already know what I'm supposed to do in my game.

DJ Omnimaga

From the first screenshot, it looked like a several hours experience. :P


The game has two endings so maybe it could reach that much time trying to find the second ending :P

DJ Omnimaga

Oh, I was kidding, because in the screenshot it took you a very long while to get out of the first room. :P I wonder how long Illusiat 5 is from another player's perspective (I can beat it in 40 seconds since I know every key/item location)

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