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[Contest] TI-Concours 2016 !

Started by noelnadal, January 11, 2016, 05:49:59 pm

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January 11, 2016, 05:49:59 pm Last Edit: January 12, 2016, 09:42:49 pm by noelnadal
Today I am very glad to let the TI-Concours 2016  begin ! :D

What is the TI-Concours ?

Created in 2011, the TI-Concours is a programming contest on TI calculators. Initially made for high school students who had a z80 calculator, he gradually extended to all categories of age, and other platforms and languages.
Organized four years in a row, it quickly became a major contest, with participants from several different communities on the net. :D
Unfortunately canceled in 2015, I am really happy to organize a fifth edition, which I hope will be full of success. :)

How the contest will run

This year, there are two categories :

1st category : z80 and ez80 TI-Basic.
2nd category : ez80 Asm / C ez80 and Nspire Basic/Lua.

From January 11th, you will have four weeks to enter the qualification round. There will be several questions, which will all consist in making a program on your calculator. Subjects are made to be entertaining, so that you may have fun in participating and improving yourself at the same time. :D

The questions' difficulty is globally increasing. It is not necessary to do everything, and for that reason I advise you to send us what you have done whatever your degree of progress. ;)

After this qualification round, the best participants will be selected for the final, which will be held in the beginning of March. These people will be given another subject, which will be harder. The time limit will also be strict : only 3 hours and 30 minutes !

At the end, there will be a ranking : you can get at most 100 points for the qualification round, 400 points for the final.
You may participate in both categories.


Here are the prizes for both categories :

  • 1st prize : 1 TI-83 Premium CE + 2 TI-Planet stickers + TI-Planet Premium account;
  • 2nd prize : 1 TI-82 Advanced + 1 TI-Planet sticker + TI-Planet Premium account;
  • 3rd prize :  TI-Planet Premium account.

Another TI-Planet Premium account will be given to the qualifications' winners, in case they wouldn't be on the podium. : :D


Qualifications : 1st category
Qualifications : 2nd category
In the first category, the document was updated on January 12th, at 7:53 P.M.

Good luck to everyone !  :D

Note : if there are mistakes, and especially english mistakes, please tell me quickly.

DJ Omnimaga

My concern about the 3 hours 30 minutes time limit is mostly with timezones, since many people might not be available during that 3 hours 30 minutes limit. Will the participant have to request a subject via PM and the start time is when you reply?


When the results will be available, we will send an e-mail to all finalists and we will ask them to tell us on which days, and which times, they can enter the final round. Then we will tell them when we decided to send the subjects.

DJ Omnimaga

Ok thanks for clarifying. Just make sure there is a deadline overall, so people who get too busy with school won't reply with 2018 or 2019 final round dates :trollface:


Yeaah! Ti-Concours has begun! it was a long time ago that I was waiting for it!
You can be sure I will be finalist  >:D
I'm french so, sorry if you lose your eyes while reading one of my posts


January 29, 2016, 07:08:15 pm #5 Last Edit: February 02, 2016, 11:53:37 am by noelnadal
6 days left ! I hope many of you are participating. :D


Approximately 26.5 hours left. Do not forget to send us what you have done, (hopefully) in both categories.  ;D

Be careful, the deadline is tomorrow at 23:59 (UTC+1). ;)

DJ Omnimaga

I hope you get more entries before the deadline. It might be hard, though because there were 22 TI-related contests in the english TI community since last Spring, including TI-Concours 2016 itself. That's if we count Cemetech Contest 15 as 5 contests, though. :P

CodeWalrus 4x3 Challenge
CodeWalrus Contest II: A Game about Walruses
Cemetech Contest 14
Cemetech Contest 15 Challenge 1
Cemetech Contest 15 Challenge 2
Cemetech Contest 15 Challenge 3
Cemetech Contest 15 Challenge 4
Cemetech Contest 15 Challenge 5
Code Golf Reboot 1
Code Golf Reboot 2
Code Golf Reboot 3
Code Golf Reboot 4
Code Golf Reboot 5
Code Golf Reboot 6
Code Golf Reboot 7
Code Golf Reboot 8
Code Golf Reboot 9
Code Golf Reboot 10
TI-Concours 2016
CWick Contest 1
CWick Contest 2
CWick Contest 3

(I think that's a record)

Good luck to whoever might be participating!


but as I said, the prizes aren't the same (qualitatively and quantitatively), so in theory, the TI-Concours should have attracted more people....

oh well - people just don't want to get free stuff apparently :P
Co-founder & co-administrator of TI-Planet and Inspired-Lua

DJ Omnimaga

February 08, 2016, 02:42:47 am #9 Last Edit: February 08, 2016, 02:45:12 am by DJ Omnimaga
It depends. Cemetech Contest 15 had somewhat large prizes as well. I definitively think that the overabundance of contests and the fact that some people might want to stop halting their regular projects every few month/week to work on contest entries might have something to do with that. But of course there are many other factors, such as the lower community activity (although it isn't as bad as last September).

CW Contest II suffered similar effects as TI-Concours 2016, because Contest 1 had 14 entries, yet Contest 2 had 5.


I think the TI-Concours is quite different from other contests, even though I don't know them all. Therefore, it's difficult to compare.
In 2014 there were 13 entries in z80 TI-Basic and 5 in Lua, we might not get as many participants this year...

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