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Don't touch the spikes remake with Walriis[walrii contest][ti nspire][lua]

Started by semiprocoder, December 27, 2015, 04:39:05 am

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So, I have finally come up with a decent(ish, and I plan to maybe do something else if I come up with something else) idea to make a walrii game for. It is not very related to walriis but it is going to have (hopefully)many different walriis you can buy.

Essentially don't touch the spikes is an android and ios game similar to flappy bird where you move back and forth, trying to not touch the spikes. One thing I decided to omit was the top and bottom spikes, as rendering so many triangles lags my nspire and it provides less spikes on this already small screen.

I plan to have walriis as the sprites, but I currently have a red square, just for testing. I know this is a not very good explanation, but I hope it makes sense in the gif attached.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
My cemetech username is awesommee333.

DJ Omnimaga

Ooh I like the idea, plus with the bouncing dot, which I assume will become a walrus, it looks a bit like the flying Walrii animation from the CW video :)

I hope you can pull it off :)

What I suggest in future versions is to make the sides black, but add brick walls next to spikes to make it look more realistic, and make the spikes full instead of empty.


Looks great semiprocoder! I suggest that you increase spikes more often and start with less, it looks really cool though ;)


December 27, 2015, 09:17:58 pm #3 Last Edit: December 27, 2015, 09:53:21 pm by semiprocoder
Well, I've optimized the drawing screen to only the game part, leaving the background to be redrawn only when the game resets. Thus I can draw more in game and can draw a cool background without lagging my calc.

Also, should I have the hitboxes for the triangles be squares or the actual triangle, and should I have the hitbox of the sprite be its center or the whole length/width of it?

I uploaded a vid of the calc gameplay to youtube:

Also attached is a gif of the same thing on the emulator(I made the fps low so that I could upload it).

EDIT: What function sould I use to get how many spikes to generate and to get the speed multiplier each round?
The function in the video is(am I allowed to release this? Its not really code, but it is part of my code):
Spoiler: ShowHide
(-500)*(math.pow(1.05, -(round+83)))+10

I changed the function to:

Where the speed multiplier is the square root of each respective function.
My cemetech username is awesommee333.


Wow, looks quite fun and addictive! Wish I had a Nspire to play it...

??? ??? ??? ??? ???

DJ Omnimaga

Wow, this looks really great with the brick walls. I meant 8 bits style brick walls that are basically 16x240 on each side with a plain black background on the sides, but this looks cooler that way actually.

However, you should get rid of the pink and maybe use cyan, light gray or maroon (the latter would require changing the text and spikes color, though).

EDIT: Also for realistic-ness, you should make Walrii wings so that they're up when you move down and flaps down when you jump. Kinda like in the flying Walrii animation.


December 28, 2015, 04:16:27 pm #6 Last Edit: December 28, 2015, 05:47:08 pm by semiprocoder
Wow, I have no idea how I messed up those walriis. Anyways I fixed it now.
Also, I plan to have the background color dynamically generated, but for now I just made it light grey.

Also I added a store and a way to obtain coins(I gave myself a lot of them just to be able to buy stuff instantly).
Here is a screenshot:

EDIT: How do you add tags to titles?
My cemetech username is awesommee333.

DJ Omnimaga

It looks better this way. I also like the store idea. Will some of those walruses have different speed, falling speed and jump height? Otherwise you should add a check icon next to them to show which ones you got so far, so the player doesn't buy them twice.


December 28, 2015, 07:55:40 pm #8 Last Edit: January 18, 2016, 12:31:43 pm by semiprocoder
Well, I may add different speeds for the different walriis, but before you buy it it displays their cost(and hides the walrii) and after you buy a walrii it displays the actual walrii, so that you can't buy anything twice, although I haven't implemented saving yet. Right  now I am working on making the hitboxes triangles as opposed to rectangles surrounding the hitboxes.

EDIT: I made the hitboxes triangles instead of squares(the triangle at the left is a drawing of how the hitbox looks like(it comes pretty close to the actual triangle, but doesn't direclty match the triangles displayed with errors of like 1 or 2 pixels, nothing major)(it looks closer on the nspire and I fixed the part where it is one pixel down and to the right of 0,0, as I my array is a bitmap of true/false false. I drew at the array number, which starts at 1,1, not pixel number, which is array number -1):
My cemetech username is awesommee333.

DJ Omnimaga

Oh I see now. I guess that's good as well, then. :)


First off, thanks so much for the support!

So I haven't done too much updating to this game, but I've finally added something original, so I feel like mentioning it. Since my last update, I have added more walriis, amounting to ten so far. I have also made the background change colors every five rounds.

My main update, however, was to add powerups/abilities. So far I have made two types of powerups. The first type removes a random spike, taking little time to regenerate. The second removes all spikes, taking much longer to regenerate. Walriichu has the first type, while iron man has the second type(at least for now), as showcased in the video.

Well, anyways, here is a gif of the game, showcasing the changing color backgrounds and abilities(I have negative money because I decided to disable the check for having more money than the cost of the purchase if I set a boolean flag to true):
My cemetech username is awesommee333.


Looks like another fun game I'd play a lot... if I had an Nspire
"If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid."

DJ Omnimaga

I like it so far. I assume that the progress bar at the top is for when power ups are gonna be active, right?

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