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WARNING: DO NOT UPGRADE your TI-83 Premium CE or TI-84 Plus CE to OS 5.5.1 and higher. It removes all compatibility with most games and removes ASM/C programming! DOWNGRADING IS IMPOSSIBLE. BE WARNED! Likewise, do NOT update your TI-Nspire CX past OS 4.5.0, else using Ndless and ASM/C programs will be impossible.

Radioactive shade of scoggers rips through twilight space vectors without limit!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 26, 2015, 06:08:14 am

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DJ Omnimaga

Looking back through our news pending queue, a few programs for several platforms have slipped under the radar over here. You might have seen them before, especially if you frequent other calculator websites, but in case you haven't, you might want to check them out!

-Scogger CSE (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition) http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/465/46596.html
This puzzle game by Iambian is sure to occupy you for a while and it has amazing graphics

-Shades (TI-84 Plus CE): https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1381
A puzzle game with impressive game per TI-BASIC standards

-Twilight Legion (TI-89): http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/465/46558.html
Although this game apparently dates back in 2010, it never was available online until recently for some reasons. But now that it is, we finally have a Super Smash Bros clone for the TI-89 and it looks and plays great!

-Worship Vector (TI-Nspire CX): https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_voir.php?id=324575
A port of a Tower Defense game in 3D that runs surprisingly fast for the platform. Requires Ndless.

-Radioactive Wastes (HP Prime game that looks similar to Sokoban): http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-4840-post-44427.html#pid44427
HP Prime game releases are very rare outside the TI community, but this is one quality release there. It reminds me of Sokoban but it is different. To go to the next level all waste must be a critical mass.

-Rip'Em (HP Prime): https://github.com/boricj/ripem https://www.omnimaga.org/hp-prime/announcing-rip'em-a-third-party-firmware-for-the-hp-prime/
This member recently joined Omnimaga and immediately announced a mysteious project that turned out to be a hird-party firmware for the HP Prime that could finally allow ASM and C development. Use it at your own risks, but could this lead to a revival of the HP Prime platform among ARM assembly and C programmers?

-Space Limit (PICO-8) http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=16428
PICO-8 is a fantasy command console supporting Lua games with old-school graphics. It is mostly known for 2D, 16-color games with 8x8 sprites. However, someone has made a quite amazing 3D polygon engine in it, which resulted into Space Limit. Maybe it could be used for a Star Fox clone?

DJ Omnimaga

Here is now a video of the HP Prime third-party firmware in action:

Source: https://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=193984

I'M hoping that the final version doesn't come with that blinking LED feature or showcase, though, because I don't want to see HP retaliate by locking down the HP Prime the same way TI did with the TI-Nspire CX due to people tampering with the exam mode features. But it's an awesome proof of concept that could open the calculator to third-party native dev.


Awesome, looks like more and more 3rd party stuff is rolling out for the Prime ^.^

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