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Zampy's Quest [Walrii Contest][HP Prime][HP PPL]

Started by alexgt, December 09, 2015, 08:17:47 pm

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Yeah, I will definitely finish this after the contest but I want some basic mechanics so I can get a few points :P

Right now I am working on the Menu and ruling that out, then I am going to skip to AI and enemies, though I don't know if I can implement any form of collision with entities tho ._.

But I have exams tomorrow so that will cut my time right out <_<

DJ Omnimaga

As I said, AI doesn't need to be complex. It can just be the enemy bouncing against walls or slowly following you and some could simply not move at all and act as obstacles.

I hope you have enough free time before next weekend.


Thanks ;), I am working on level selection now (I really don't want to work on AI :P)

And trying to go through and optimize it because it is getting a little slow <_<. So I am implementing frame skipping.

DJ Omnimaga

How slow does it get on the real calc? Frame skipping would help I guess. (Not that I mind if it gets a bit slow, though, since Lua games could be particularly bad on that front, especially in OS 3.1 or below)


Reading the original post (err saw when i first read this) i see this was meant to be an RPG. Its good you dropped the idea of an RPG and went for something simpler :)
My original idea was to make to make a platformer game, but i dropped that idea for a simple endless runner :)

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah, good move (although if people had extra time left before the deadline they could have expanded their entry if it was already finished). It's never a good idea to do something too big and tedious for a contest with such tight deadline. I still hope Alex and others can finish their entries in time.


Well, I dropped the idea for an RPG for the contest but I will continue with the game afterwards, it is nowhere near total completion tho.

And it runs really well right now especially with frame skipping and optimizations to the game loop, it is getting ~20-30 fps though O.o. I am not certain so how would you test that?

DJ Omnimaga

Wow cool to hear about the frame rate. Do you think you can submit in time? Also what have you implemented so far?


I will just copy the readme over and it has everything. I am just on the bus to get home and I will have 4 hours then so I should be able to finish.

Zampy's Quest is a story of a walrus and his journey to save his parents (I need to put the full story from CW here). Zampy's Quest is also not complete by any means as of now so sorry for that :P.

Left arrow, moves you left
Right arrow, moves you right
Apps button, Jump away

Feature log:

Before 1-19-16:
Added level rendering
Added 5 maps (only currently accessible via changing of code :/)
Added Zampy and iron Zampy (Iron Zampy not implemented yet)
Added smooth scrolling
Added Super High Tech gravity settings (they are really realistic tho :P)
Added super high tech collision
Added sweet jumping
Added ~146 bugs, in 0 minutes
Removed 103 bugs, in more time than I care to admit
Ignored 5 bugs, in 0 minutes, after I tried to fix them for quite a while xD
Flattened 38 bugs, with a steamroller
Added optimisations
Removed code for optimizations
Added frame skipping (I don't know exactly but I think it runs at 20-30fps!!!)
Added an unnecessary line of code for bugtesting and never removed it xD
Added a visual glitch on Zampy
Added animation to Zampy
Added a main start menu (only the first and last option work though, the second option is credits so apparently I was so lacking on time and I forgot to give credit to myself xD)
Added a lot of easter eggs (sadly I couldn't add them to any levels)
Didn't add enemies (yeah, hell if I know I could even get them to display on the screen :P)
Drank coffee
Added this README
Fixed visual glitch for Zampy

Note: the readme will change in the final release for the contest :P

DJ Omnimaga

Wow that's a lot of stuff O.O. I can't wait to try what you submit. :) Make sure to send all files required to run the game and the readme :walrii:


Yeah, some of it is just random :P

DJ Omnimaga

"Added <numbers of> bugs" sounds like regular TI OS updates :trollface:


Yeah, out of the 5 ignored ones only one is actually noticeable... can you find it???

but yeah, I have no idea how to fix it tho <_<

Also I have a youtube video on how to install it/ any other app that is updated from the first. It shows some code but it is just at the top of the program and it is all comments, plus I turned it in :P

DJ Omnimaga

I had to restart my calc a few times before the game ran but now it does. That's one hell of a fast moving walrus you got there :P (as in, the walking animation)

I can't figure out how to enter the door, though.


Yeah, I was going to slow him down but then I was like, Nah that looks a bit more funny :P

And there is no progression through the levels I just put the door there for the future :P
I just didn't have time with exams xD

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