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Post your programming/game ideas here!

I had an amazing idea for a 3d-ish game for the CSE. It takes advantage of the fact that you can run xLIBC code without going into half-res mode, where it'll draw both sides of the screen simultaneously. Although you won't be able to use double-buffer techniques like switching between buffers to create a more seamless experience, 3D!!! *.*  Of course, you'll also have to make a 3D viewer like Google Cardboard but if it's easy to make and understand the directions, I'll play the game!
I'm not going to make that, so someone else can if they want.

DJ Omnimaga:
Unfortunately, the ideas I got are games I want to make myself, which includes First Fantasy II, but one thing I would like to see is PC/PICO-8 ports of calculator games. Juju made one of Supersonic Ball a year ago, but it was not 100% finished and his Reuben Quest remake was even less complete. It could be remakes or direct (colored?) ports of anything that don't already exist for those platforms. Maybe some of the Axe classics from past contests or more recent ones?

Something like Contra in Axe would be nice as well. Or Metroid style. For the 84+CE, I would like to see a port of Axe or something similar (I think Cumred is on it?)

Other ideas that come to mind are PC remakes of calculator RPGs. It could just be an RPG Maker game or something coded from scratch, as long as it doesn't just use stock graphics for dungeon tilesets.

Calculator RPG's ported to PC would actually be cool, especially if the graphics are cool :).

I have lots of ideas like don't touch the white tile, and other games but I don't want to start new projects especially since I am going to work on MinePrime when I get SynText done.

How about PC games ported to calculator.
Crysis 3 on TI-84 in 3D.

* p4nix runs


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