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[C] AntiCaster: a non euclidean raycaster

Started by Snektron, November 16, 2015, 07:04:02 pm

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Nice! Now port it to the CE and Life's Good. :P
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The answer is "Sure."

DJ Omnimaga

A CE version would be nice actually, especially now that Cumred is doing CE stuff. I am curious about if the speed would be fast enough, but since a raycaster runs at good speed on 6 MHz calculators, then I guess a CE version wouldn't be too slow, even with a larger screen. THe question is: Does the non-euclidean part of this raycaster take much more CPU resources?


I know nothing of 3D, but if you could port this or the CSE (or the CE, since the CSE is stupid slow), that would be awesome!


Since its a ray caster, which only casts on one line rather than the whole screen, it might even be doable. Though it will have poor fps probably :/
Maybe i'll have a try one day.
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DJ Omnimaga

A CSE port would be possible, but it would need to not only use half-resolution mode, but also not fill the entire GRAM being used. So the game wouldn't be fullscreen. A CE version would be more feasible, especially since you can switch the screen to 1 bit, 2 bits, 4 bits, 8 bits and 16 bits for speed, and it has both a memory-mapped LCD and a faster CPU.


Good to know the specs. I see it's possible, it just depends on
if it's done. :P
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I wonder how possible a fast raycaster for the Prime is...

DJ Omnimaga

Critor made one a long time ago, which ran at 2 FPS at low quality, but I think it was much more complex than Wolfeinstein due to variable wall height and stuff. A raycaster that ran off a small GROB (eg 80x60, scaled up to 320x240 when copied in GROB 0) with Wolfeinstein capabilities might have a playable frame rate.


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on November 22, 2015, 07:31:42 am
Ah I see. How is the speed on-calc? I didn't have much time to recharge my calc and try this. Also does this work on OS 3.6?

Looks like I never replied to this, whoops  :-\

Anyways, trying to run it on an actual handheld freezes it up, and you have to reset it. I have no idea why, and don't really care enough to find out :P

DJ Omnimaga

That sucks. I wonder why, considering it doesn't use any C code. Which OS did you try the code on? You could maybe post the source in case someone can investigate. Maybe it contains the future exploit for Ndless 6.0 :trollface:


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