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Zenonia 4 for the TI-84 plus cse

Started by epicdud218, November 08, 2015, 09:39:28 pm

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sry I was afk for a while (because of school). Anyways i am currently working on the movement and the dungeons. Also as a side project (as movement test) I'm making a little game where you shoot stuff and move. anyone know how to make varying rooms. (like a main room that branches off into a boss room?)
This is my to do list:
Stats for individual classes: done
dungeon: needs playing field and enemies
hotel: somewhat
shop: done
come up with clever name of game:need

(I think that's everything? :v)
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DJ Omnimaga

Glad you didn't quit completely :). As for varying rooms, if you mean going from room to room or rooms being different from each others, you need to use a list or matrix for that. Each matrix element would be a digit from 0 to 9 for example and if your character is located in a room that is 0, then nothing special appears. 1 would be a treasure chest, 2 an enemy type 1, 3 an enemy type 2, 4 a boss and 5 a NPC. Just some examples.

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