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New IRC channels

Started by Streetwalrus, November 04, 2015, 02:04:26 pm

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We decided to create a couple side channels for CW on Efnet IRC, two new channels are now available to public : #cw-anime and #cw-spam. The former is dedicated to anime fans in general, while the latter will have looser rules compared to the main #CodeWalrus channel (especially with regard to bots, the rule thread will be updated accordingly).
Note that we're not going to pull an Eeems here, all kinds of discussion are welcome in the main channel as long as it remains within the site rules.
The channels aren't available in WalrusIRC for now as it only supports one channel, and quite a few things are needed to allow multiple channels in there. This will have to wait until @Juju finds some time to do it.

Have fun !

DJ Omnimaga

We can no longer :walrii: in the main channel? O.O


DJ Omnimaga

November 05, 2015, 06:57:52 am #3 Last Edit: November 05, 2015, 06:59:44 am by DJ Omnimaga
Oh I was joking because of the creation of #cwspam and Street possibly restricting any spam/anime discussion in CW main channel  since something similar happened in #omnimaga two years ago (although some admins still allow it whenever the channel is inactive) :P Basically we still allow some minor randomness as well as anime talk in #codewalrus, but when the channel is extremely busy with calculator discussion it's nice to have a second channel to discuss the other stuff in.

Regarding anime I heavily encourage using the forums, though, since we have a sub-forum for TV/manga/etc.


Actually if you check out the updated rules (which I should reflect here), the main purpose of the spam channel is to mess around with bots.
As for the anime channel, while anime talk is of course welcome in the main channel, you can share/discuss stuff that people might be less interested into compared to #CodeWalrus, and also chat in there when the main channel is busy.

DJ Omnimaga

Oh, you should always bump the rules  topic to highlight the changes like I always do, so people take notice ???


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