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How to join our Discord server or IRC channels

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 05, 2014, 12:51:06 am

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DJ Omnimaga

December 05, 2014, 12:51:06 am Last Edit: February 24, 2019, 05:38:16 pm by DJ Omnimaga
UPDATED on February 24th 2019

The most active part of CodeWalrus is our Discord server at . Some of its rooms, such as #CodeWalrus (#general) can also be accessed via IRC on EFnet network (the same place as #Cemetech, #Omnimaga and's channel #TI), and a list of available servers is available at . You should be able to join with no problem using your favorite IRC client, IRCCloud or Mibbit. If a server doesn't work for you, try another from the list. You can also chat from the WalrusIRC shoutbox directly above the forums, but it requires a forum account and only the #general room can be used from there.

Regardless of where you chat from, your messages will be automatically relayed between Discord and if applicable, the IRC channel and the site shoutbox.

#CodeWalrus and its sister rooms shall be a place to hang out for CodeWalrus forum members. We recommend that people who need calculator, programming or other kind of technical help use the forum, though, in case their query gets missed. More people will benefit that way, since it won't get lost in the logs.

A voice chat is also available on Discord.

Discord room equivalents

IRC (EFnet)DiscordWalrusIRC
#codewalrus #general #codewalrus
#nsfw-adult (18+)


The post notifier is almost complete. I'll open source it in a bit.
Well, I'm bach here too!

DJ Omnimaga

Yay! It also seems to work, but make sure it doesn't keep missing posts nor DoS the site by itself. Checking the RSS feed every 5 or 10 seconds shall be fine.

You should also make post notificiations more visible and looking more like posts like this:

(F)<NewWalrii> New Post! Re: #CodeWalrus IRC chatroom now available on three networks! |

Instead of:

(F)<NewWalrii> Re: #CodeWalrus IRC chatroom now available on three networks! |

Of course if we need to edit it on the server make sure to CHMOD it well enough so that all 5 staff can edit it. :P


DJ Omnimaga

Most people have their IRC client set to show notices outside the channel (such as server tab), so they won't notice the new posts.

DJ Omnimaga

Hm it looks like the EFnet channel is no longer synced with the Omninet channel nor OmnomIRC, or there is some intense lag between both networks, so if any activity occured this afternoon on EFnet then it probably never appeared in W/OIRC nor the Freenode/Omninet channels.

Hopefully juju restarts the bot soon.

EDIT It appears that stuff sends from Omninet to EFnet, but with three to four minutes of lag, and stuff won't send at all from EFnet to Omninet.

DJ Omnimaga

Updated first post to reflect the server changes, since that topic is directly reachable from the site navigation.

DJ Omnimaga

Note: In a not so distant future, we will discontinue Omninet support for our chat room, making #Codewalrus IRC channel EFnet-only, just like #Cemetech and #TI. We still need approval from @Duke "Tape" Eiyeron and @Juju for this, since it was only discusses with @Streetwalrus so far, but Only three people use the Omninet channel and the rest of the TI community has used EFnet since 1991. So I would recommend people such as @jamesguessis , @pimathbrainiac and @Sorunome to switch over to EFnet soon, to ensure they are not left behind if they want to continue idling in #Codewalrus.

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

DJ Omnimaga

June 09, 2015, 03:26:54 pm #9 Last Edit: June 09, 2015, 03:28:31 pm by DJ Omnimaga
Because we don't really get enough traffic from there to justify having to maintain WalrusIRC to support multiple networks and deal with the desyncing that occurs often on Omninet. Also, Omninet was originally not my idea. It came into existence after I stepped down from Omni, when they attempted to ditch EFnet completely (but had to keep both due to protests).

I was against switching Omninet a month ago because we still had some users using it, but now we only have 3 left and 2 of them idle on #Cemetech , which is on EFnet. But of course it requires approval of juju and yourself as well.


I think Omninet was my idea, or at least I was in the founding members. I thought of it so we can have an IRC network for the entire TI community and everyone could have a channel for their project. But, well, as we all know, the community is kinda reticient moving from EFNet, CodeWalrus is among the only projects who bothered even having a channel there besides #omnimaga itself, and, well, you know the Omni admins, the network also attempted to be kinda Omni-centric.

Yeah, that kinda failed, save for #omnimaga who have quite a few people there. So, either let it die or promote the hell out of Omninet.
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DJ Omnimaga

Actually, I think a bit of the problem is that people from other sites were probably worried about losing users by moving from long-established channels, and back then, Omni still had the old rules that CW now has to a certain extent, so admins of other sites were probably worried that those rules would partly be applied to other site channels like Cemetech, TI, etc, resulting into partial  loss of control of the channels. It's also hard to convince 3 big channels, especially one where some people considered Omnimaga as arch rivals, to move from a network of 60000 users to your own network of 30 users.

I didn't know back then that the goal was to have a TI community network, though. I was sure the network was meant for Omnimaga IRC discussions.


That's what it came down to. Eeems even stripped the #omnimaga-* from the channel names on Omninet. :/

DJ Omnimaga

Oh right, I forgot about that. Good thing redirects were implemented.


Yeah but still. For him Omninet=Omnimaga network. It's a neat network but not enough users and definitely no non Omnimaga users.

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