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Paladins (poor man's Overwatch), anyone playing?

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 04, 2017, 04:05:22 am

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DJ Omnimaga

June 04, 2017, 04:05:22 am Last Edit: June 04, 2017, 04:08:42 am by xlibman
Ok I know Paladins is a bit Pay-to-win in terms of model since it's free to play and currently in beta, but I was curious if anyone was playing? I kinda like it so far, despite some of its limitations (especially social-wise, such as how private chat windows get closed (and their content lost) once you get in the game lobby) and level requirements for some modes. Games can get pretty intense XD. I mostly play as Cassie and to a lesser extent Pip (I usually prefer long range characters, but when I am healer I use Pip)


Oh, hmm... I know their launcher is annoying (from the 3 times I have played it, but I may try in play again...)

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Yeah I played it for over 100 hours but then I got overwatch and lost interest <_<
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DJ Omnimaga

Overwatch is overpriced tho, especially on consoles. I know I got the PC versionfor free, but there's no way a game from 1 year ago should cost $79.99 <_<


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DJ Omnimaga

June 08, 2017, 12:48:22 am #6 Last Edit: June 08, 2017, 01:09:51 am by xlibman
Quote from: Unicorn on June 04, 2017, 06:01:41 am
Oh, hmm... I know their launcher is annoying (from the 3 times I have played it, but I may try in play again...)
It is. First of all, I tried registering with Google. It ate my account. Later, I discovered they changed my username to U299292883e9 or something, which is why my in-game username didn't work when trying to login. I decided to retry making an account again without FB/Google/whatever was available. It worked at first, but after 1 game or so the game stopped working. Now it works fine but there are occasional connection glitches forcing some players to restart the game. But hey, it's a beta lol, so I guess that'S to be expected.
Quote from: aeTIos on June 04, 2017, 10:04:42 pm
welcome to blizzard games
Starcraft Battlechest is only $30 with all expansions despite the last expansion coming out about 2 years ago for $60, though. :P

On a side note Papladins seems less demanding on system resources, especially graphics. It uses a lot of CPU for me but I can play at much higher 3D resolution than Overwatch at 60 FPS, while in overwatch my 3D res is set to 30% of my 1080p resolution and runs at 30 FPS.

EDIT: OMG I get 30 ish FPS with everything maxed out at 1080p on this old thing. The game doesn't look as great as Overwatch but it still looks good by itself.

DJ Omnimaga

That gotta be the fastest payload push I witnessed from my own team so far:

I basically rushed to the objective using all my power ups then the rest of the team kept the enemy away while I captured the objective in just a few seconds all by myself. What surprised me though is how fast the rest went considering I or my team always seem to run into trouble during the pushing the payload phase but for some reasons we managed to do it in 2:45 seconds lol. Hadn't I pressed the attack button by accident while I was on my horse the game would have been finished in under 6 minutes for sure.

I only had 1 kill and 3 assists because everyone was so far away from the objective lol.

Anyway the thing to make sure in this game, from what I noticed, is to be somewhat good at each type of champions (front line, damage, flank and support), because if you play with random teams and nobody chooses an healer but you wanted to play with Viktor then good luck winning with no support ally. Generally I play with Evie or Pip, depending of if my team has an healer (if you are not familiar with what each character is from the list then you can always check if there is a checkbox next to each types of champions that is checked).

I assume it's the same in Overwatch and similar games, so yeah it's generally good to get used to different characters. Also of course playing with people you know and planning prior the game is better. I often ran into games where I played with Pip and I almost always had to capture the objective by myself because everyone decided to rush towards the enemy rather than staying with me near the objective so that I can heal them.

DJ Omnimaga

So I got the game on PS4 and will most likely get it on the Xbox One very soon. Send me a private message on the forums, Facebook or Twitter if you want my nicknames.

By the way, despite being an online multiplayer game, Paladins supposedly doesn't require an Xbox Live nor PS Plus subscription to play, since the game uses Hi-Rez servers rather than Sony/Microsoft's. I mostly play on PC, though, because I find it easier to play with mouse+keyboard than gamepad. Plus on PC I got the founder pack with all champions unlocked.

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