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My GCW0 ports

Started by gameblabla, October 04, 2015, 05:38:09 PM

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Before introducing some of my ports to GCW0,
a small introduction to the GCW0.


The GCW0 is a video game handheld made by Justin & the community, originally announced through their Kickstarter.
It has a focus on retro-games with its low resolution of 320x240, (same resolution than the Nspire & Prime, actually)
has a firmware (except the wifi) that is free software and open-source.
It's equiped with a Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS processor (same as Neo-Geo X) and it's GPU is a Vivante GC860 with free drivers available.
The OpenDingux firmware was developped by a bunch of voluntaries too.
Up to one point, even the Kickstarter communication was handled by the community, until they stopped doing that.

The little handheld had some problems due to some units not being sent to backers. (similar to what hapenned to the OUYA)
Most are getting their gcw0 now and it has recently become available again through ThinkGeek and others.
No numbers were given but it must have sold at least 2000 units worldwide.

Software comes in OPK file (similar to APKs) and can be found through either the OpenDingux forum or their official repository.
The website too ( is also maintained by the community. (mainly zear & surkow)

And now, here are the ports i did on GCW0. (without actually owing one yet, thanks to qemu)

Cannonball (Outrun)
This was my second port, my first one was the Pokemon Mini port by me and David Knight.
It runs slow because it uses a depth of 32 , which is slow on this device.
Cannonball is a recreation of Outrun with several additions like a 60FPS mode,
widescreen support among other things.

Super Mario War
Then i did a port of Super Mario War.
It works well and makes use of the IPU, it being a 640x480 resolution game.
IPU can be activated without any code and brings a good speedup as opposed to Software Scaling.
(Essentially, the IPU behaves as if it was doing GPU scaling)
It's still WIP because the controls in the menu were not optimised yet but it works well.

Ganbare Natsuki-San
I filled a request and ported this game to the handheld.
It's a game similar to Bonic Commando with a focus on Puzzles.
Cool game by Alpha Secret Base that also got a release on Xbox 360.

Gameblabla's Oswan
And then i made this thing.
It originally was an attempt to improve Alekmaul's Oswan emulator but
since then, it turned into its own thing.

Then i improved potator.
This thing runs fullspeed on a overclock Nspire so needless to say it works great on it.

I'm currently working on this.
Mednafen is a cool multi-emulator thingy that has lots of cores, almost all of them focused on accuracy.
Of course, most of them (especially VB, PSX and PCFX) are slow except that cool pce_fast core.
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DJ Omnimaga

Interesting, I never heard of that console before, not even through gaming news sites. I remember back then that there was the gp2x so the name reminded me of that. I'm glad to see some stuff ported by you on it. :)
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