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The rant topic

Started by aeTIos, September 29, 2015, 04:08:03 PM

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Dunno. It casts a ray as long as your hook is and checks whether there is a hookable tile/non-hookable tile/player or nothing on that ray.

DJ Omnimaga

October 27, 2015, 03:35:12 AM #31 Last Edit: October 27, 2015, 03:37:02 AM by DJ Omnimaga
Another rant: People who tries to set you up with girls (or guys) almost by force (eg peer pressuring you until you give up and say yes even if you are not interested, else you risk your reputation in the city, at school or workplace), even if you prefer staying single for now, and people who tries to rush things (eg planning the meetup date without your consent or only setting you up with girls who are only in for having sex before even knowing you).

Perhaps I should move to North Korea. Sometimes, we seem to have more freedom there than in Quebec about how we want to live our lives and at which pace.


Well that sucks. Those people who thinks they know everything...
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DJ Omnimaga

Not really knowledge, but rather the fact they would like everyone in their friend circle to live their lives the same way as theirs.

Also another rant: When you get the hiccup in the middle of a cold (if your nose is clogged). >.<

DJ Omnimaga

Semi-rant: Why did, halfway through their respective retro timelines, every single game companies decided to stop putting labels on top of game cartridges? It's like the most basic thing ever and they got it right at first, so why did all of a sudden they decided to stop? O.O

Atari 2600: labels
Atari 5200: No labels
Atari 7800: labels

NES: labels
SNES: labels
N64: no label

Sega Master System: labels
Sega Genesis: labels
Sega 32X: No label

Actually it's not this much of an issue, but when shopping at video game stores that have lots of games stored in stacks or when searching through my collection, it's quite annoying. With the SNES, NES, Genesis and the like, you just look at the small labels on top of the cartridges. <_<


The PAL SNES does not have a label on top. Incidentally, the cartridge form factor is also not really suited for stacking, which sucks.
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DJ Omnimaga

That sucks about PAL (and I assume japanese NTSC carts?). I assume that Nintendo of America just thought that the design was crap for those reasons and decided to go with something uglier but more convenient.

Also another rant is when during dinner break, some co-workers eat meals that smells like someone either threw up or didn't shower for 4 months. >.< Most culprits are those cheese bake microwave dinners. Even Kraft Dinner isn't as bad, plus it actually tastes ok.

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