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539 signs that you're addicted to CodeWalrus (or calculators)

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I noticed that we are missing a "x Reasons that you are a CodeWalr.us" thread.
So here it is :)

In this thread you describe reasons what identifys you as a CodeWalr.us member.
Be creative!
Feel free to comment more or say which of them you experience yourself.

I am a CodeWalr.us...
1. because I make douzens of Walrii sprites.
2. because the first website I open when I start my computer is CodeWalrus

3. because I own that damn website.

4. Because I stay up late (read : all night) to make the aforementioned damn website better.

DJ Omnimaga:
5. Because walruses are cute
6. Because it's almost exactly like how Omnimaga was back in 2009-11 :P
7. Because calculator games rules

8. because hack all the things :D


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