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(WARNING: Spoilers) The Legend of Zelda: Dark Link Quest [walkthrough][strategy]

Started by DJ Omnimaga, August 16, 2015, 11:48:13 pm

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DJ Omnimaga


The Legend of Zelda and the Zelda logos are
registered trademarks of Nintendo. Dark Link Quest and this walkthrough
are properties of Omnimaga and Dysfunction Programming, 2004.

1) Introduction
2) The Dark Curse
3) The South Palace
4) The Home of Zoras
5) Death Mountain
6) The Tower of Chaos
7) The Final Battle


Are you stuck in the game? Need help to finish a dungeon? This file will tell you what to do. I included some maps in the file. However, be warned that this may ruin your fun!!!!!! But, you can spoil the fun anyway :).

On the maps you will notice "+" symbols. This is heart containers pieces (like in the readme). Try to locate all of them and once you are able, collect them! Some others pieces of heart are located in caverns. Also there are indications in red on the maps showing you the most important stuff to do.

The Dark Curse

After the intro, Zelda talk to you by telepathy and ask you to go to Hyrule castle. This is optional but this may help you very much. Some monsters are impossible to defeat at this moment of the game so you may want to follow the path I drawed on the map below.

Once you get to Hyrule castle, you will see Zelda (a "1"). Talk to her and she will explain you the quest. She talks about the 3 shards you have to find. After you talked to her, you should go to Kakariko village near the castle and talk to people. Someone talk about a dungeon close to the village. If you explore carefully, you can notice the weird building to the south near the lake. Just take the south way in the village and you will get to a small path surrounded by water. Be careful to the Octorok. He shoots rocks at you. To kill him, smash a rock with your sword and it will be repelled onto the monster. Once you have the hookshot those monsters are worthwhile 20 rupees.

There is an unreachable house near the palace. Don't worry about it for now and just go in the palace.

Note: Once you're hurt enough, go in the fairy fountain in the woods north of the village and walk into the fairies to replenish your health.

The South Palace

1) Some areas are unreachable now. Find your way to the first switch, but be careful to the skeletons. There are fake skeletons that can fool you. Just look carefully if something is moving. You have to use your sword to active the switch. This will open the path to the switch 2.
2) When you go in the east part of the palace you are in a dark room so you have difficulty to see. For now as you move around, you may say to yourself "Look easy!" but you will see after hitting the 2nd switch. Go to the bottom and hit the switch to open the gate leading to the dark rooms.
3) Try to not get too close to the "M"s because you don't know which one are statues and which one are monsters. Try to move as quickly as possible because those vampire sucks life very fast. You will reach an area with a triangle. Hit this and you will get rewarded with the hookshot. This will also open the path to the boss.

There is a side-quest you should do at this point of the game. With the hookshot you can now reach the house near the dungeon. Talk to the man inside and he will give you an empty bottle. If you have enough rupees, go to the shop to buy a potion. I recommend you go in the fairy fountain instead and catch a fairy instead. To catch one, equip the empty bottle, go close to the fairy and press DEL. If successful, you will have a fairy in your inventory. If you keep it and die, you'll be resurrected.

5) In the palace, equip the hookshot and use the attack pad to grab the pillar and make your way to the boss. Be prepared. If you have a Silver Edition calculator, this part of the game may be challenging.

Boss fight: Mantis
This boss is perhaps the hardest one in the game. He constantly tries to smash you away and you cannot hit him normally. At the start of the battle equip the hookshot and try to hit the middle of his body horizontally. If successful his armor will be destroyed. Now it's not finished because hitting him with the sword is impossible as he constantly moves. Try to hit him with the hookshot again. This will freeze him, now unequip the hookshot and hit the middle of his body with your sword quickly. If you are not fast enough he will start moving again and you will have to freeze him again. If you success you must get far quickly to not get hurt and repeat the process again: Freeze him with the hookshot, unequip it, slash him with the sword, equip the hookshot again. Be careful because he will start moving faster after 3 hits. After 6 hits he will explode and you will be rewarded with a heart container and the first shard: The Triforce of Courage!

What to do next?
First of all you should get the bombos magic in the cavern to the Southeast. Now that you have a shard, the spirit will give you this magic. It's very useful to defeat those Evil Birds near the death mountain.

After that, the only palace you can reach with the hookshot is the Zora Palace.

Make your way though the pillars to reach the cavern leading to the palace. Also don't forget to pick up some heart containers around if you can reach them.

The Home of Zoras

The Zora palace is the longest and the hardest dungeon in the game. It took me 5 hours to finish it even if I know all the secrets so be prepared. It's strongly recommended that after you find the treasure in this dungeon you finish most of the side quests in the game. I recommend you have 3 fairies or 3 potions in your inventory, meaning that you need 3 empty bottles as well. If you also have 6 hearts you should be OK.

What makes this dungeon really long it's the incredible amount of switch you have to activate to get to the boss. I numerated them on the map and you must hit them in this order. Also having lots of items is really important because there is Octoroks in the upper part of the castle and if you die you have to restart from the beginning.

1) After hitting the first two switches you will get the Thor magic (useful later), a gate will open and a triangle will appear. Go back here to get the Giant Sword. With this sword you can break small rocks and reach more places, including the Death Mountain. Now, pleeeaase exit this place and collect pieces of hearts. Try to buy the empty bottle at 500 rupees (duh ^_^) in Kakariko. There is one in Death Mountain too (explained later). Good luck finding them and good luck in the next part of the dungeon.

2) Hit the next 11 switches (try to avoid rocks) to open the gate to the boss. There is a pillar near the switch 9. Grab it to take the shortcut. Or just save and quit, restart the game and you will restart at the beginning.

Boss fight: Odd Snake
This battle is slow paced because the snake sometimes disappears. At the beginning of the battle you have to avoid a big bunch of stars in the area. After a while they start blinking and the snake appears. Try to get close to his path and hit his tail. This cause the boss to disappear again and you need to avoid those stars again. If you do well, you may not even need a fairy to beat him. 6 hits and he's dead! After you beat him you get the Triforce of Wisdom and a heart container.

What to do next?
There was a blocked entrance in the dungeon. Now that you beaten the Odd Snake, you can save the Zora inside. She will reward you with an empty bottle.

Near the Bombos Cave in the Kakariko Village, there is a man terrorized by a Warlord monster moving around his house. Try to stay in the middle of the area because if the monster throws you outside you have to restart the battle again. If you defeat him, the man will reward you with a heart container piece. This side-quest can be done at any point of the adventure but it's challenging.

The next destination is the Death Mountain. The 3rd palace is located at the top of the mountain and it's hard to reach.

Death Mountain

To reach the Death Mountain you should go through the forest. Near the Fairy Fountain there is an exit to the north. Take it and you will reach the mountain. Deatroy the small rock and continue to climb the mountain.

To survive you should bring stuff to refill your magic because you will need A LOT of it. Bring one or two fairies with you too. The road leading to the palace is filled with evil birds and they are almost impossible to defeat with normal attack. They are too fast for you. The easiest way to kill them is to wait until both of them are in the screen and cast Bombos. You will need the hookshot item too.

At the beginning there is two ways you can take. Take the right, equip the hookshot and cross the waterfall. You will find a place with Gargoyles. Make your way through the rocks and the monsters to reach the upper part of the waterfall. You probably noticed an unreachable pillar; we'll see later. Continue to the right. There is two ways again. The upper road leads to the top of the mountain.

If you go to the bottom you will reach Lake Hylia. There is an entrance in the waterfall. Inside there is a man who can give you an empty bottle. He talks about the Tower of Chaos to the top of the mountain. Before going in, if you have all the 4 empty bottles, a valuable treasure is awaiting you somewhere in Hyrule.
Remember the unreachable house near the first palace. The guy inside said that if you bring him 4 fairies, he could change your current hookshot into a Fairy Hookshot. So, return in the Fairy fountain, catch 4 fairies and go see the man and you'll get the Fairy hookshot, which is 5 times longer. Now you can reach all the remaining heart containers pieces in the game. Look in all caves, Zora Palace, Hyrule and the Death Mountain to find them all.

Now, return back in the Death Mountain and don't forget that unreachable heart container. There is another one in the lake Hylia too. Now take the upper road to reach Death Mountain peak. Notice the "1". Here you can get the Gaia Magic. This magic randomly causes between 1 and 3 damage points to some monsters. Be aware that it cost 3 magic points! You don't need it now. Go to the west and you will reach a bridge guarded by Zombies. Try to manage them or avoid them and take the bridge.

You should equip Thor magic to defeat them. This powerful bolt defeat all monsters touching the thunder cross in one hit.

Once you cross the bridge you will see the huge tower. You can only enter the tower by destroying the small rock to the left of the entrance. Keep Thor magic equipped and enter the tower.

The Tower of Chaos

This dungeon is pretty straightforward. You just have to make your way to the 3rd story and enter the boss area. However, this dungeon is the home of 2 new enemies. The first one is the Snake, which require 4 sword hits to be killed. He causes twice the normal amount of damage. The second one is the Beamos. Avoid its laser because it removes 3 hearts from your energy. Every time you encounter snakes and you cannot void them you can use Thor to finish them and refill your magic by defeating Zombies. There is no switch to activate so go directly to the boss.

Boss fight: Neo-Aghanim
This boss is dangerous with his bolt attack, so make sure you are constantly moving when he disappears. When he re-appears run into him to strike him with your sword. Do this fast because he will warp to another place. Also he goes faster as you hit him. If you defeat him you will get a heart container and the last shard: the Triforce of Power.

What to do next?
Now you are ready to beat Ganon. Go to Hyrule Castle to take the Master Sword!

The Final Battle

After you collect the 3 shards, things are not going right in Hyrule. Kakariko Village is now loaded of Zombies! Catch some fairies and go to Hyrule Castle. Take your hookshot and grab one of the two pillars to reach the upper area of the castle. You'll see a "+". This is the Master Sword. Take it and come back. Zelda is Gone! A voice tells you to come back. Return where the Master Sword was and the movie sequence will begin!

Ganon ask Link to follow him to the village. Unluckily, Ganon got time to start his reign of destruction during the time you come back to the sword spot. Kakariko is now burning in flames. Link become angry and unleashes a powerful attack on Ganon, which causes a massive explosion. However, that magic attack does nothing! Ganon is still alive and pretends you can do nothing against him even with the Master Sword. You will have to use his attacks to defeat him!

Final Boss: Ganon
This explosive battle will be very easy if you are prepared. It's just a little confusing because Ganon takes Link form (a omega symbol). Also he causes lots of damage per hit. Ganon will try to charge at you and you just have to smash him away with your powerful sword. When he stops moving, however, he unleashes a very powerful attack similar to Thor magic, so make sure you are not in its range. After his attack, he will perform his classic attack. He will shot you an energy ball and you must repel it at Ganon. There are two differences however. The first one is that the ball will pursue you and if you fail to repel it at Ganon it will constantly drain your life and you will get a very hard time to get rid of it. The second difference is that if you succeed to repel the energy ball you must not move. If you move it will change direction and will not hit Ganon. If you succeed it will cause a massive explosion that hurt Ganon a lot. To defeat him you must repeat the process 9 times. I'm not going to tell you the ending, so defeat Ganon and see! :)

-Skip talk to Zelda after intro
This is not really an hard to find secret, but after Zelda tells you to come to see her after the intro, you don't actually need to go see her. You can go straight to the South Palace fine.

-Skip switch #10 in Zora Palace
In Zora Palace, in the last part of the big switch puzzle, it is possible to go straight to switch #11 without hitting switch #10 first. On your way to switch #10, you'll notice two pillars. They can be reached with the hookshot from that path. Hitting switch #11 before #10 will act as if you hit both. It may sound like a shortcut more than a bug to certain players, but this "shortcut" was not intended in game development and is simply a map design error.

-Hookshot glitch
In some occasions, after killing certain enemies types, if you use the hookshot in the direction he was, the hookshot will act as if something was grabbed, like if the enemy was still here, but inactive and invisible.

(Walkthrough by DJ Omnimaga, 2004 (converted to SMF BBCode in February 2010)

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