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RPG Explanation

Started by SiphonicSugar, December 08, 2015, 12:17:13 am

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Well, here is my explanation of an RPG!
SiphonicSugar   Okay, do you know what RPG stands for?   6:08:17 PM
SiphonicSugar   Well basically, RPGs have battle engines, which are run when ever a battle needs to be fought, like if there is a boss battle or a random battle when you are traveling in the game.   6:10:25 PM
SiphonicSugar   You progress through the world with a story line and you are supposed to complete some final objective, or something.   6:11:04 PM
SiphonicSugar   And of course there are NPCs standing around and stuff that you can do side quests for and buy items from.   6:11:51 PM
SiphonicSugar   Along the way to distract you.   6:12:03 PM
SiphonicSugar   You can have conversations with them too.   6:12:35 PM
SiphonicSugar   Do you know what the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is?   6:13:09 PM
SiphonicSugar   Well if you do, that is an example of a 3D RPG.   6:13:22 PM
SiphonicSugar   You are a character that plays a roll in the world to do something.   6:13:43 PM
SiphonicSugar   And that is my explanation.
I'm just trying to grab some inspiration. :P

DJ Omnimaga

It would help if you also specified what RPG actually stands for, if you intend to explain what is one. In this case, Role-playing game. :P

That said, nowadays there are two types of RPGs: western RPGs (Skyrim, Dragon Age, Risen, Diablo) and JRPGs (Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tales of Xillia/Phantasia, Xenoblade Chronicles). The western genre usually have a gritty, serious and depressing atmosphere, while the Japanese genre is usually more humoristic, cliché, faster-paced and somewhat happy atmosphere.

Also a lot of RPGs have weapon/character leveling up elements, but I don't know if that's required. Basically, you can personalize your chatacter and explore more. Some people went as far as considering Metroid, Simon's Quest and Zelda RPGs.


Lol.  I forgot to specify what RPG actually stands for. :P
I'm just trying to grab some inspiration. :P


Here's a really in-depth article on all types of RPG's. It seems that the only RPG's that are focused on  these days are the video game ones(I ain't complaining tho).

Also, all games have some RPG in them, no matter how little.

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DJ Omnimaga

Yeah, back in the 70's, RPGs were mostly dice and pen games, then eventually evolved into board games and video games. Nowadays, western RPGs have been slowly replacing JRPGs in the video game world. Even JRPGs have been integrating more and more western RPG elements since the past few years (Xenoblade Chronicles come to mind)

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