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Not much progress but there was a change in direction

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 24, 2015, 04:19:22 am

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DJ Omnimaga

July 24, 2015, 04:19:22 am Last Edit: July 24, 2015, 04:28:47 am by DJ Omnimaga
Super Walrii Land has been on some sort of hiatus for a while while I try to find more free time (where I am not tired) to spend enough time on the game. However, there was a change in direction a few weeks ago and I rewrote some of the game notes

Basically, Super Walrii Land will be more oriented towards puzzle than action now. It is still a platformer game, but less Mario-style in the way that you won't have to kill enemies and stuff. All enemies will now be replaced with various walruses or walrus hybrids that you either have to use at your advantage or avoid. Here are some examples of ideas I had:

: If you jump on them, you fall much slower through them, but you won't move with them. It is helpful of you want to reach higher platforms or ones that are too far.

: I'm unsure if this will be a power-up or not, but if it isn't, then they will act as moving platforms that can carry you. I might change its color to avoid confusion with the main game character, which is :walrii:

: They fly around and you must not touch them.

: Same as above but they fly in straight line and through walls.

: You are immune from any damage when behind bushes, so they can be handy to hide when you can't avoid an enemy or something. This one never moves.

:: Trampoline. Doesn't move either.

: Same, but you bounce left or right instead of up, depending of which direction he is facing.

: Simply walk around at varied speed (without the egg).

: Simply walk around, but you will get pushed if it's on your way.

Some walruses might also be part of the landscape.
Maps would be designed so that you have to make use of the various walruses on it. If power-ups are implemented too, then there will be one to break blocks


Awesome! I like how it has different types of walrii's :D
Legends say if you spam more than DJ Omnimaga, you will become a walrus...


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Great, I really like the terrain sprites and the walrii ideas O.O


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DJ Omnimaga

Quote from: alexgt on July 24, 2015, 01:31:23 pm
Great, I really like the terrain sprites and the walrii ideas O.O
Thanks, the terrain sprites for the most part are generated with a program. :)


I also love how Hi Def all the sprites are :)  I'm coming from half res xkibc :P

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DJ Omnimaga

Thanks, but I felt that since it was a 2D game and that the HP Prime is very powerful, it would make no sense to stick to 8x8 sprites if I wanted to get the most out of the platform. I plan to make 8x8 sprites with 160x120 graphics for future HP Prime games, though (mainly the First Fantasy series), since I plan to try making them for the CE too if things work out.


Hey DJ are you still working on this?!?!

I would be sad if not :'(

DJ Omnimaga

Not right now, sadly. Life issues a month ago led to all my projects being put into hiatus. I did finish one new song, though (see music showcase section). It's not dead, though.


I am glad to see it is still alive, if you want help with it I would be glad to do so (not sure how much help I would be).

Also I hope your IRL stuff clears up ;)

DJ Omnimaga

Well, one thing I am wondering in particular is if pixel-test-based collision detection is reliable? I planned to use this since I can easily design maps (by drawing a mini-map in MS Paint or something). Also, would a 256x32 tiles map with about 640x32 pixels worth of graphics cause me to run out of RAM or would I have more than enough? I am curious, since you had issues running MinePrime.


Well, I cannot really help you with collision except say use the SpreadSheet app so you can enter the formula for collision and checking where the sprites are and it will be updated in the background. I will use this for MinePrime and it should work great!! (I will work on a demo when I get my calc back <_<)

For GROBs I am more of an expert on after hours of trial and error :P I started to have problems at about 3200x1600  (I'm not sure it could have been 32000x16000 though (not kidding seriously)) so no you should have no problems. What I definitely would do though is make it into a app and make all the levels .png images and have all the entity positions in a list for the map. what that will do is store all of that data into the archive (which you have 256Mb of :P) then you can just load one picture for the level at one time reducing the amount of RAM immensely. Also it would be as easy as dragging and dropping into the connectivity kit for custom user levels

...does that need a better explanation :P?

DJ Omnimaga

Well, one thing for sure is that I will not be using applications. I'm sticking with regular hpprgm files because I find the new app features to not be mature enough on the HP Prime and if I make a popular game the forums will get filled with help topics from people who are unable to send the game properly. I'll wait until HP fixes the issues that apps have before using them.


Yeah I see your reasoning, i know when I first stated calcs I was sometimes frustrated on how to install something. But if the game doesn't take up all the RAM you can just extract the folder, then drag and drop into your calc with the connectivity kit (I am relatively convinced that the problem with transferring MinePrime was the RAM and that was the cause of confusion (and that was my fault for not clearing the GROBs from startup xD))

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