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This was posted a long while ago on Omni, but in case you didn't see it, I am cross-posting it here too (EDIT Mar 2017: New cover art was added and list updated). As you are probably unaware due to the fact only my albums made since 2011 are available on Bandcamp, I actually released many albums beforehand, but none ever got for sale except a short-lived attempt with an happy hardcore compilation (the site that let me sell music for free didn't even work). In Feb 2017 I decided to attempt selling my stuff again, including 10 of the albums in CD format.

Unfortunately, in 2007 I lost half of the album cover artwork files I had except for low quality GIFs at lower resolution. The first 5 albums are the ones affected. Luckily, however, back in the day I printed cheap jackets for CD covers and back covers using the high quality image files, so now I have decided to scan them then filter them so that higher quality versions of my old album covers can once again be seen! Keep in mind that for the Destiny Knight and canceled Magic Hardcore albums, there was never a back cover made for it. The first images won't be as good as the 2007-08 files, but at least they will be much better than the 350x350 (or worse) GIF files I had.

Here is the list of my releases below:

Main releases:
2007: Epic Journey Through the Galaxy
2007: Journey through the Moon Dark Side (originally released as Dark Side of the Moon)
2007: Enter the Dream World
2007: Angel In the Stars
2008: It's the End of Time
2009: Destiny Knight
2011: Tales of the Knight of the Moon
2014: Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga Special Edition (The last two combined together)
2017: In UK Hardcore and Dance we Trust
2017: Illegal Music Chemistry

Others (cassette recordings, compilations, unfinished albums, etc)
2003: Omnidance 1 (cassette)
2003: Omnidance 2 (cassette)
2004: Omnidance 3 (CANCELED)
2007: Hardcore Armageddon (DJ mix)
2009: Magic Hardcore (CANCELED)
2012: A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012) (compilation)
2012: A Decade of Omnidance (2002-12) (compilation)
2013: Ancient Kingdom of Omnimaga (original version, now combined with AKoOSE)
2014: Unfinished (Single) (now combined with AKoOSE)
20??: Hardcore Spectrum Disorder (incomplete, originally called Elemental Cross)
20??: New Beginning of the Ultimate End (CANCELED. merged with Hardcore Spectrum Disorder)

Pics of the main release covers (click to enlarge):

Pics of other releases, unused artwork and incomplete albums:

(album was renamed to JttMDS)

Unused cover->

There are obviously no original covers for the Omnidance albums, as they used recordable cassettes and I had no computer back then to create cassette artwork.

Cool! I like the Armageddon one the best :)

Thanks. Do you recognize the area shown in it?

Maybe London? I don't really know about cities other than NYC and Big Ben in london. :P

Cool, I am on my mom's tablet so rendering the pictures is hard for it but that is allot of albums :D


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