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The funny quote thread (NSFW)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, December 01, 2014, 06:17:45 am

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* Unicorn says c4ooo's name like this: cooferooo

??? ??? ??? ??? ???

DJ Omnimaga

I always pronounced like cee four zero zero zero for some reasons :P


I thought it was "see-four-ooo." Oh well. That's what happens when you see things differently.

You have no idea how much it bugs me whenever someone makes a Harry Potter reference and says Hermione is pronounced "Her-mine-eee." It clearly says in the book, if anyone read them(glares at movie producers), that her name is pronounced "Her-mee-oh-nee." <_<
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The answer is "Sure."

DJ Omnimaga

Wait, there are people who pronounce Hermione like that? ??? I know that in French we often pronounce stuff differently and that Hermione is pronounced Her-mee-oh-nee in my language, but I don't recall English pronounciation omiting the o entirely.

Or maybe people are just jokingly leaving the o out to form a different word? (hermine)


Always thought it was pronounced like in French (because, well, she's of French descent iirc?), just like Voldemort. There's quite a few names in Harry Potter inspired from French.
Read Zarmina!
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DJ Omnimaga

Yeah, I didn't read HP in English until years after reading the first 3 books and thought the original name for Voldemort was Flightofdeath


so this classic just happened on IRC
YukiBot, [16.06.16 19:47]
<I|>  4 <c4ooo> @aeTIos file:///C:/Users/German%20Kuznetsov/Desktop/KSP/KSP_win/saves/Carrer%202/Ships/VAB/MUN.craft

YukiBot, [16.06.16 19:48]
<I|>  4 <c4ooo> idk why its text form

aeTIos, [16.06.16 19:48]
thats supposed to be

aeTIos, [16.06.16 19:48]
craft files are text files

YukiBot, [16.06.16 19:48]
<I|>  4 <c4ooo> and the second one: file:///C:/Users/German%20Kuznetsov/Desktop/KSP/KSP_win/saves/Carrer%202/Ships/VAB/mun%202.craft

aeTIos, [16.06.16 19:48]
pastebin it somewhere

aeTIos, [16.06.16 19:48]
I'm not sure if you're serious

aeTIos, [16.06.16 19:48]
because you oughta know I can't access your drive

YukiBot, [16.06.16 19:48]
<I|>  4 <c4ooo> WAIT WHAT

YukiBot, [16.06.16 19:48]
<I|>  4 <c4ooo> OMFG

YukiBot, [16.06.16 19:49]
<I|>  4 <c4ooo> Lol copy and paste fail
ceci n'est pas une signature

DJ Omnimaga

Lol I still see people do that from time to time on IRC and forums, especially when linking to images in their posts.

DJ Omnimaga

So Juju wanted to do a manual backup of CW database a few minutes ago and this is what @Streetwalrus decided to put as backup message:

QuoteYou just lost the game.
Have a nice day,
I lost and juju too <_<


That's the motd on my raspberry pi. :P

DJ Omnimaga

Oh I see lol. On a side note, does your RPi become hot from running 24/7?


Not really, it's kinda warm but nothing critical even in the summer heat.

DJ Omnimaga

That's good. I was a bit worried when you first mentionned doing automated backups over a RPi.


Nah it's perfectly safe to run it 24/7, it's pretty much designed for that.

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