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Ever since the founding of CodeWalrus, we've been using Telegram for admin communication and other random stuff among friends, additionally to IRC. Recently, Telegram released an API to easily make bots, since then many of us has been developing our own bots, like Eiyeron's W-800 and my YukiBot. Starting from today, YukiBot added relaying between our IRC channel and a Telegram group we created for that, so you can chat on IRC and our WalrusIRC chatbox from Telegram!

If you have a Telegram account, join the group today and join the fun!

This is the most awesome development in bots to day, I think. Awesome job, I was starting to not use IRC as much but now that we have a telegram relay I will probably become way more active again :D

I have a couple suggestions, though, mainly on the telegram side:

o) Let the message start at the username, so filter out the first uhh, 7-something characters; snip off the ' <l|> 4 ' part.
o) Parse Walrified nomifications
o) Get rid off the random color codes
o) On the WIRC side, maybe try making WIRC display the user who sends the message rather than 'YukiTG'. This should be possible as we're already doing that with IRC->WIRC comms.
o) Maybe also try fetching the nickname to display?

Then some other less important-but-still-interesting points
o) re-host telegram images to an image hosting site?
o) maybe same for audio and video? (Not sure how feasible this is. I know however that we have plenty of bandwitdh on the server and also I guess we can reserve some space for images as they aren't that big)
o) Stickers: I guess we can make WIRC display something to indicate there's been a sticker sent to make telegram-sided sticker communications make some sense on the other side.

I guess that's it :P
Again great job, this has been a long living wish of a bunch of us because telegram is just so darn awesome

O.O everyone in IRC is using it :P


--- Quote from: alexgt on July 06, 2015, 04:08:42 pm ---O.O everyone in IRC is using it :P

--- End quote ---

Awesome. I think it was only a matter of time before this happens, considering many of us use Telegram to chat. The bot needs to show forum nicks and be renamed to 2 chars, though, else it's hard to read.


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