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The CodeWalrus of the Future (mockups and ideas if we ever switch from SMF)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, April 30, 2016, 12:30:12 am

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I think as a calculator and retro gaming community it wouldn't be fit to use a super modern theme. In my opinion we should still make it look like a (modernized) retro site, with some pixelart and fancy oldscool stuff all over the page. Like stuff that was conidered super cool years ago (for example on the very old omnimaga baner there was this grid-model of a human head&shoulders - I really loved that, it was perfect). In general I think we should stick to older designs.
What I'd hate to see would be a white background with nicely arranged text on it. I really love how everything on the ucrrent site is put inside a separeted box aith its own background color. We shouldnt change that.

I'm not saying "never update". What I'd love to ee is the newerst stuff but made to look retro :)
use the new themes, but rewrite the entire css ^^  :thumbsup:
Anyway war sucks. Just bring us your food instead of missiles  :P ~ DJ Omnimaga (11.10.2016 20:21:48)
if you cant get a jframe set up, draw stuff to it, and receive input, i can only imagine how horrible your game code is _._   ~ c4ooo (14.11.2016 22:44:07)
If they pull a Harambe on me tell my family I love them ~ u/Pwntear37d (AssangeWatch /r/)
make Walrii great again ~ DJ Omnimaga (28.11.2016 23:01:31)
God invented the pc, satan the smartphone I guess ~ p4nix (16.02.2017 22:51:49)

DJ Omnimaga

Dudeman double-posting is fine if it has been over 24 hours. <_<

Also p2 yeah my idea would be to stick to a forum-like layout that is simple but not overly simple either, and as banner there would be a strip of screenshots behind the logo.

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