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what is this news thing for anyway

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Mincraft [Android]

Started by tr1p1ea, June 30, 2015, 12:45:01 am

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I guess the problem is that the characters are actually 3D (not animated sprites) - so the legs are actually 3D and move forward and back on their own ... similar to what happens in minecraft.

I havent had much time to work on this recently, but i will try to make another mob to show you what i mean.

Also question: Should I keep the existing basic textures or draw more traditional looking ones?

DJ Omnimaga

Is it possible with 3D to make the legs move instantly then stop moving entirely for 0.33 seconds for each pose?

As for the textures, an idea I had in mind was to do it like Sonic (checkerboard). Just as long as it doesn't look too close to Minecraft. It could either be simpler or completely HD. I personally like the textures in the last video.


Me too, I liked those textures.

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I would stick with the textures you have now ;)

DJ Omnimaga

@tr1p1ea how have the recent optimizations been going by the way? I doN,t exactly remember everything because many posts got lost but I remember that you had some performance issues and were trying to track down the culprits.


Hopefully everything is working out, I really like this idea :)

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