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4x3 contest results out! Click here to see who won!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 16, 2015, 03:04:01 AM

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DJ Omnimaga

June 16, 2015, 03:04:01 AM Last Edit: June 16, 2015, 04:50:28 AM by DJ Omnimaga

Although the CW 4x3 challenge was originally meant as a mini-contest, participation rivaled some of the big contests that happen out there in the calculator community over the past decade. Originally expecting around 3 to 5 entries at the very best, it is finally 14 entries that finally competed together for this first CodeWalrus contest. What we wish is that we could have gotten the chance to offer larger prizes for a few of the best entries, because many of the participants truly deserves it for making the most out of a 4x3, 3x3 or 3x4 pseudo-resolution. Unfortunately, our status as an unaffiliated website ran mostly by students and low-income staff have prevented us from doing so so far. We hope, however, that you have enjoyed this first CodeWalrus contest.

Without further ado, let's see who will win the $30 (USD) gift card for Steam, iTunes or Amazon, depending of what the winner chooses and what is available in his country. Here are the contest results!

Full result details: ShowHide
*(20 pts) Originality: Is it just another tic-tac-toe clone that looks exactly like the 100 other ones in archives?
*(20 pts) Creativity: How you managed to cram a game into 4x3, 3x4 or 3x3 resolution? Was your game choice reasonable (eg not Tetris)?
*(15 pts) Gameplay: How well does the game play? Are controls well-chosen? Is it too slow to be playable?
*(15 pts) Fun: Is the game fun? Would you play it again in the future?
*(10 pts) Graphics: How well the game is shown under such extreme limitation? Can we distinguish what is what for that type of game?
*(10 pts) Full screen: How much percentage of the screen (or whatever the language can use) can the game fill?
*(10 pts) Size, speed, installing & bugs: Is the game file size reasonable for what it offers? Is it too slow? Is installation easy? is the game bug-ridden?
Total: 100 points

@alexgt - Nagoji 4x3 (HP Prime)
-Originality: 17 pts (Just like a music rhythm game or Flappy Bird, but without the music a totally different and cool theme)
-Creativity: 19 pts ()
-Gameplay: 9 pts (Using left arrow instead of down to crouch makes it very hard to memorize controls and it hinders gameplay.)
-Fun: 13 pts (Very fun gameplay, frustrating like Flappy Bird, but would probably be less frustrating without the aforementionned issue)
-Graphics: 9 pts (Easy to distinguish everything 4x3)
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts ()

@brentmaas - PixCiv (Java)
-Originality: 16 pts (I didn't realize a civilization-type game could be possible in such resolution)
-Creativity: 15 pts (The idea itself seems well-chosen for such resolution. Too bad, as seen below, that I could never finish a turn)
-Gameplay: 0 pts (Could never figure out how to finish a turn. Was missing from readme and the rest required 10 minutes of studying the readme)
-Fun: 3 pts (Seemed promising until I got stuck)
-Graphics: 8 pts (works pretty well while it lasts)
-Full screen: 10 pts (Can be resized to fit the entire screen)
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 6 pts (I don't know if being unable to skip a turn was caused by missing readme info or a bug, but other than that the game had no issue with installing/running)

@CKH4 - C4X3 (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition)
-Originality: 17 pts (Kinda like avalanche but with many twists)
-Creativity: 18 pts (the idea was quite well implemented in such small resolution)
-Gameplay: 9 pts (despite speed issues, it actually manages to play somewhat well. THe main problem is that keys are unresponsive)
-Fun: 12 pts (quite entertaining despite the other issues)
-Graphics: 9 pts ()
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 5 pts (Speed is quite slow)

@Cumred_Snektron - The Game (TI-83 Plus)
-Originality: 3 pts ()
-Creativity: 10 pts ()
-Gameplay: 0 pts (barely even a game :P. Also we cannot exit while the text is scrolling so it takes a long while to exit when you lose)
-Fun: 0 pts (wasn't meant as a serious entry)
-Graphics: 7 pts (hard to read text, but that's pretty much the best you can do in 4x3)
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 7 pts (for some reasons there was quite the lag during text display at times)

@DarkestEx - TwelvePx (Windows)
-Originality: 16 pts ()
-Creativity: 10 pts (Now if only this could have been finished with more than 1 level)
-Gameplay: 12 pts (Plays perfectly while it lasts)
-Fun: 8 pts (Game lasts less than 30 seconds. It was fun while it lasted, though)
-Graphics: 8 pts (works very well for a maze. Some extra colors would be nice for different environments, though)
-Full screen: 5 pts (Could not resize to full screen)
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 9 pts ()

@gameblabla - 3x4 Simon (Android)
-Originality: 14 pts (It's just Simon, but with a twist)
-Creativity: 16 pts ()
-Gameplay: 13 pts (Confusing at first but then you get it nearly instantly)
-Fun: 13 pts (kept me hooked for a while)
-Graphics: 7 pts (I guess it works well for such game. It might be better to have the non-blinking squares in grayscale or something, though)
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts ()

@guicrith - UnexpOrd (Web-based)
-Originality: 20 pts (Doesn't seem to have been made before, or at least isn't common, and most ideas in this game are awesome)
-Creativity: 19 pts (One of the most perfect game for such resolution limitation)
-Gameplay: 11 pts (Quite confusing)
-Fun: 14 pts (Very entertaining)
-Graphics: 8 pts (does the job very well)
-Full screen: 8 pts (Can't zoom and not taking full browser page)
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts ()

@Haobo - Pxl-Shooter (TI-83 Plus)
-Originality: 17 pts ()
-Creativity: 16 pts (Good job fitting a space shooter in 4x3)
-Gameplay: 13 pts (This game gets pretty intense fast. The only real issue though is that the readme doesn't specify if the gray squares coming at you hurt you or not. It didn't seem like they did, though)
-Fun: 12 pts (It can get a bit tiring after several minutes, because of how fast it is for the screen size. But it's pretty fun while it last and I would replay)
-Graphics: 8 pts ()
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts (No issue, text scrolls a bit slow, but you can skip it)

@Hayleia - Four Shades of Grey (TI-83 Plus)
-Originality: 15 pts ()
-Creativity: 17 pts (Cramped resolution for that type of game with no scrolling, but the wrapping feature helps)
-Gameplay: 12 pts (Quite fun puzzle game, but having to launch the program after every level is a bit annoying)
-Fun: 12 pts (seems a little easy at times even in later levels, perhaps due to wrapping?)
-Graphics: 9 pts (Works very well for that type of game)
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts ()

@JWinslow23 - BittyBird (TI-83 Plus)
-Originality: 11 pts (Flappy Bird :P)
-Creativity: 20 pts (I was surprised a Flappy Bird clone was possible under such low resolution, let alone in pure BASIC on the graph screen with actual scrolling)
-Gameplay: 12 pts (Keypress delays happen, but that's more TI-BASIC fault)
-Fun: 12 pts ()
-Graphics: 8 pts (Would probably be better in 4x3 instead of 3x4 or have the calc rotated sideways, but the loss in gameplay or full screen scores would not be worth it.)
-Full screen: 9 pts (removed 1 pt instead of 0.5 due to those extra pixels being drawn to the right, which pushed the 3x4/4x3/3x3 restrictions quite a bit)
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts (surprisingly fast for a BASIC game, even with scrolling)

@LD Studios - Red! Green! Blue! (TI-Nspire)
-Originality: 18 pts (Nice game idea and breaks away from typical games)
-Creativity: 16 pts (Good ideas overall)
-Gameplay: 14 pts (Looks hard but you don't need to be overly accurate so it balance things out)
-Fun: 13 pts ()
-Graphics: 8 pts (Works pretty well)
-Full screen: 10 pts (within Lua limits)
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 9 pts (Didn't run on OS 3.1 even though it said it should, but at least it ran in 3.6)

@Scipi - Mini Dungeon (Computer)
-Originality: 18 pts ()
-Creativity: 19 pts (very elaborate implementation of an RPG into 4x3)
-Gameplay: 14 pts (Only issue being that it was confusing at first when I stood on a door and nothing happened. Finally figured out that I had to press the arrow one extra time to enter)
-Fun: 12 pts (pretty entertaining, although it's hard to figure out where to go)
-Graphics: 9 pts (Pretty easy to distinguish everything and when you run low on HP)
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 10 pts ()

@Unicorn - Whack-A-Color (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition)
-Originality: 16 pts (Nice whack-a-mole game with color twist)
-Creativity: 18 pts (Well implemented for a 4x3 game)
-Gameplay: 12 pts (Once in-game it's very well implemented)
-Fun: 12 pts (Quite entertaining. Not too easy and not too hard either)
-Graphics: 7 pts (That black screen at the beginning can be confusing for new players since they might think the game isn't running properly)
-Full screen: 10 pts ()
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 9 pts (minor display issue on exit but doesn't impact the game much)

@unknownloner - ColorZ (Web-based)
-Originality: 18 pts (very nice puzzle maze idea)
-Creativity: 19 pts (Well implemented)
-Gameplay: 13 pts (scrolling would probably be nice in future versions)
-Fun: 13 pts (Can get lost sometimes but very fun to play)
-Graphics: 9 pts (Can get a bit confusing sometimes, but otherwise perfect)
-Full screen: 8 pts (No full screen mode. Can zoom in, though)
-Size/Speed/Install/Bugs: 7 pts (quite demanding install requirements, and readme was missing at first then submitted a tad late)

Voting round: (Each vote counts for 12.5 points. Basically, both judging and voting scores are three times less than during the 2010 Axe Contest on Omnimaga.

PARTICIPANT: Votes - Votes x 12.5  - Judging score above
alexgt:          3 - 37.5          - 87
brentmaas:       5 - 62.5          - 58
CKH4:            1 - 12.5          - 80
Cumred_Snektron: 3 - 37.5          - 37
DarkestEx:       1 - 12.5          - 68
gameblabla:      0 - 0             - 83
guicrith:        3 - 37.5          - 90
Haobo:           3 - 37.5          - 86
Hayleia:         2 - 25            - 85
JWinslow23:      5 - 62.5          - 82
LD Studios:      1 - 12.5          - 88
Scipi:           4 - 50            - 92
Unicorn:         2 - 25            - 84
unknownloner:    5 - 62.5          - 87

alexgt:          124.5
brentmaas:       120.5
CKH4:            92.5
Cumred_Snektron: 74.5
DarkestEx:       80.5
gameblabla:      83
guicrith:        127.5
Haobo:           123.5
Hayleia:         110
JWinslow23:      144.5
LD Studios:      100.5
Scipi:           142
Unicorn:         109
unknownloner:    149.5

So the following authors have now been awarded special badges, which are now attached to their forum accounts!

And in addition to his gold badge, the following participant have won the contest (and the digital prize!)!

We would like to congratulate the winner, the ones who made the top three and everyone for their hard work for pulling off such games in just a bit over a month, despite school exams and life. And thanks everyone for participating! 

(Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning their 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years too :-P)

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Mucho congrats all! Is there any way we can see our overall scores? 

Also, tampa shoulda won :(

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DJ Omnimaga

Quote from: Unicorn on June 16, 2015, 04:40:50 AM
Mucho congrats all! Is there any way we can see our overall scores? 
Yep, just click the spoiler. It gives detailed reviews of each entry and their scores.


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DJ Omnimaga

Yep I fixed it. Good job by the way. It was hard to win with that many entries and small amount of voters, but I liked the entries that I tried. I'm probably gonna keep some around to play from time to time. Hopefully the authors expand their games and perhaps remake them with high resolution graphics in the future. :)


Yeah, I need to fix that highscores bug in the end and do something different for the first time paying, as you suggested. I also want to implement random colors that giv you extra points.

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June 16, 2015, 04:54:27 AM #7 Last Edit: June 16, 2015, 05:39:20 AM by unknownloner
Thanks everyone who submitted stuff and made it fun!

Shout out to guicrith with UnexpOrd, I really liked the idea behind it.



??? ??? ??? ??? ???


I wasn't expecting the running to be so close O.O One more vote and I would have won :P Congrats Unknown and JWinslow!

It's also unfortunate brentmaas didn't score higher. PixCiv was amazing (though I do agree the readme could have been much better).


I definitely thought PixCiv was pretty cool, but I also felt like it wasn't really suited to the 4x3 pixel format, given that you had to do so much reading into the readme to figure out how to actually play.

And yeah the scores were really close in the end now that you mention it. I didn't notice it at first.



Whaha the 37 points was indeed me xD
Though thats okay, it wasnt really meant like a serious entry anyway :P
Congrats to the winners anyway :D
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Congrats to all winner ! I have pretty much to say that a lot of entry were great  :P


June 16, 2015, 12:22:31 PM #13 Last Edit: June 16, 2015, 12:37:03 PM by brentmaas
Nooooooooo did I seriously forget to mention that spacebar is next turn? That was like minus twenty points too  O.O
Lel I glitched Omni


Legends say if you spam more than DJ Omnimaga, you will become a walrus...

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