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The TI forum activity stats archival project (2002-present)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 05, 2015, 07:49:49 am

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I see cnCalc is missing from that list - one of the most active non-English calc forums out there!
Not sure if it matters, but DCF is also missing. It was a long-running German Casio forum, started back in like, 1998? And closed down in at the end of 2013.

DJ Omnimaga

The reason why cnCalc was not included is because I couldn't figure out how to manually track their 2002-16 statistics yet. This is the same reason why Electroshock Programming and various other small forums were not included and why the stats for some existing sites are missing for some years.

As for DCF it's because the list only includes calc forums with a TI section for the time being.


Ah, now I realize that the topic is "TI forum activity stats", not "Calc forum activity stats". Whoops :D

DJ Omnimaga

August 02, 2016, 10:38:21 pm #138 Last Edit: August 02, 2016, 10:41:51 pm by DJ Omnimaga
Yeah the thing is that I did not track down Casio forums activity as much over time. A lot of the data I got from big forums was fetched back in 2010, some even 2009. I'll probably try to fetch some from missing sites or non-TI ones in the future, though, now that TI-Story also covers Casio/HP sites.

Another issue is the annoying Archive.org Robots.txt bug. If, for example, ticalc.org decided to modify their robots.txt to block archive.org or all bots at some point in the future, then the entire archive.org content for ticalc.org from 1996 to 2016 would vanish from public. Same if a site shuts down and the domain name squatter decides to block robots.txt 6 years from now.

EDIT: Looking at cnCalc structure, stats will most likely be estimated from archive.org caches, like with old yAronet stats.

DJ Omnimaga

November 21, 2016, 10:01:05 am #139 Last Edit: November 21, 2016, 10:06:33 am by DJ Omnimaga
The table at http://tistory.wikidot.com/forumstats has been updated to include 2016 posts up to November 21st, 4:40 AM GMT-5.

Judging by what I saw, 2016 looks like it has been MUCH slower than 2014 and 2015 overall >.< (although I noticed a drastic increase in CE projects since the last few months or so). If I extrapolate the total so far, it reaches 55000 posts total.

Something I am curious about, though, is IRC activity over the last 15 years. Maybe @Patrick Davidson would be able to run scripts to check #ti, #tcpa, #tiasm, etc, and @Sorunome might be able to do so with #omnimaga . I wish I didn't lose all my 2005-10 Omni logs >.<


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on November 21, 2016, 10:01:05 amJudging by what I saw, 2016 looks like it has been MUCH slower than 2014 and 2015 overall >.< (although I noticed a drastic increase in CE projects since the last few months or so).

Yes. With only 325 days, it should have been just 10% lower.
In the end, it's quite lower than that..

About projects, I'm not sure.
Last year, I had released CE projects to news about almost on a daily basis. There was always some new game/tool on TI-Planet, Cemetech, ticalc.org or Codewalrus.
This year, a whole week can pass without any new CE release...

I'm not saying that there is less development.
Maybe the development is focusing on updating already released projects... or on bigger projects which need more time before a release.

But there are still much less new CE projects being released this year from my point of view.

DJ Omnimaga

November 21, 2016, 09:52:32 pm #141 Last Edit: January 02, 2017, 01:15:27 am by DJ Omnimaga
Yeah, by extrapolating I think we have a 15K posts drop total over last two years. Something to keep in mind, however, is that the 4x3 contest on CW last year boosted activity considerably in May and June 2015 and on Omnimaga in June-July 2014, they got a particularly prolific poster with high noise-to-signal ratio (I think he had 800 posts in a single month).

Projects-wise, CEmu and the C toolchain really gave CE dev a boost and I am sure that the project builder helped, although it's probably not as known as CEmu because many people are scared of French. I remember at one point last year where after you released Androides and others, there was no more sign of life for any CE project. If you remember a PM I sent you I had even begun to think that the CE was DOA. Something I notice, though, is a sharp decline in TI-BASIC dev. For the amount of projects we would probably need to check the release timelines.

As for the TI-Nspire CX scene, I think we can pretty much write it off as dead. TI alienated most of it the same way a certain community member alienated the 68K community a decade before. Which is why I wish that nSDL was ported to the CE (so that some of the lower-end SDL games get portd easily).

But I also notice that many people prefer posting screenshots of their projects on IRC and shoutboxes nowadays, so we would need the yearly IRC stats to judge, especially of the following channels (some of which switched networks multiple times over the years):

EFnet: #omnimaga, #codewalrus, #cemetech, #ltwttf, #tiasm, #ti, #tcpa (although it's no longer a TI channel since 2010), #tibasic, #tifreakware, #calchaven, #ez80dev, #CEmu (sp?), #inspired, #prizm, #nspire-lua
Omninet: #omnimaga (I think both were separate for a while), #omnimaga-fr, #omnimaga-nl
United-TI: #unitedti, #omnimaga, #tifreakware, #calchaven
Worldnet: #cemetech, #tigcc, #tigen, #yaronet
Freequests: #tigcc, #inspired
TI-Planet shoutbox

EDIT: CodeWalrus had 8709 IRC lines in 2014, with 8710 being the ID of the first 2015 one. 253471 is the ID of the first post of 2016 (EDIT 520068 is the first of 2017), which means we had 244762 IRC posts in 2015 and 224556 in 2016 until Nov 21st. If extrapolated, this means that #CodeWalrus activity actually increased in 2016. We also have very close to the same amount of topics as last year and on pace to have more, since more people have asked questions.

DJ Omnimaga

November 29, 2016, 08:11:45 am #142 Last Edit: November 29, 2016, 08:18:34 am by DJ Omnimaga
On a side note, this isn't directly related to the stats themselves, but I noticed via the Wayback Machine that at some point in 2004, some of the Forum TI-Ring URLs (https://web.archive.org/web/20040606011817/http://forumti.timouss.firstream.net/ ) automatically redirected to TI-Gen forums. I never noticed that back in the days, so not all URLs might have been updated, but this can't be a coincidence. I think it simply got replaced by TI-Gen (and not merged, since TI-Gen started with zero posts). Also, this was the forum used by TI-89 Clairnet, according to the Wayback machine (their forum/FAQ no longer shows the forum URL since 2007). The weird part also is that despite being for all calcs, I recall most discussions there being about 68K calcs. I wonder if @Lionel Debroux knows anything about it?

Also, the Z80 forum at http://www.yaronet.com/forums/493 used to be a standalone forum located at forum89.vvlr.com used by most French z80 sites and its layout was almost identical to Forum TI-Ring, except with a blue frame instead of gray and the Z80 topics were in a separate section. It merged with yAronet in 2004, but most old posts vanished within the next few years (I suspect this might have been a bug with the database conversion script used by yAronet or a data loss. Nowadays the topics are listed again, but gives 404 errors when clicked). Also, that forum became Z80-only in 2006, with its 68K section being merged into the existing 68K yAronet board.


Your should talk to all the site admins about getting irc logs... I would be quite interested in looking at that activity.

??? ??? ??? ??? ???

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah. That said, I think @Patrick Davidson has logs of about 30 TI-related channels dating all the way back in 1999. He could probably be able to get the amount of text lines of any given year per channel via some commands, scripts or something. I don't know much about that stuff myself, though, especially if it involves separate files. As for Omni, @Sorunome  has full OmnomIRC access and could probably run some SQL queries to check. If Patrick Davidson started idling in #ltwttf/#cemetech since their founding then he could probably provide stats from there too. Of course that's if he's willing to help, though, plus I am unsure how much work this would be. The data would not be accurate due to counting joins and parts worded differently accross different IRC clients over the years, but it would still give an idea of TI community IRC activity over time.

Also, both #ltwttf and #cemetech would need to be grouped, because both were basically the same. They just were forced to use #ltwttf in 2005 because somebody decided to take over the #cemetech channel to prevent Kerm from putting Cemetech IRC channel on EFnet at the time (it was initially on Worldnet). Same with the Omni channels that got name changes, such as #omnimaga-fr becoming #fr on Omninet, or used multiple networks with synced discussions between networks. As for #tcpa, its TI discussion moved to #ti in early 2010, but I heard that BrandonW still occasionally discussed some calculator stuff there afterwards. So maybe it should be included anyway?


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on November 29, 2016, 08:47:14 am
[...] The data would not be accurate due to counting joins and parts worded differently accross different IRC clients over the years, but it would still give an idea of TI community IRC activity over time.
Actually OIRC stores if the message type is join/part/action/normal message/nickchange and thelike
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DJ Omnimaga

Oh I see. THat said, to be consistent with other IRC channels, including joins/parts/quits would be better IMHO (except the forum logins/logouts)


Shouldn't those be easily filterable via regex anyways?

EDIT: I mean that you just exclude join/parts from all logs
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To be or not to be.........is that even a question? Who gets to decide this anyways?

DJ Omnimaga

DJ Omnimaga

December 05, 2016, 04:41:15 am #149 Last Edit: December 07, 2016, 04:44:50 am by DJ Omnimaga
Some other stats: The amount of programs featured for each Ticalc.org POTY, from 2003 to 2016:

Year TI-80 TI-81 TI-82 83+/84+ 84+CSE 84+CE TI-86 TI-68K Nspire PC TOTAL
2003 ...8..117.632
2004 ..120..547.376
2005 ...7...24.435
2006 ...8..15.216
2007 ...5...3.210
2008 .......2..2
2009 .1.7...4.517
2010 .2118...106138
2011 1..8...27321
2012 ...15...13.19
2013 ...158..418246
2014 ...11*7...6.24
2015 ...37**7.21.20
2016 ...1412..4.21

*KnightOS was a separate category (multi-platform), but was mostly 83+ at the time, so I put it there
**CSE and CE BASIC programs were in a separate category that year, but most of them were CSE-only at the time, so I put them there.

Something to keep in mind is that over the years, ticalc.org experienced periods where they lacked an active news editor, as well as two iterations of Nomination November, which resulted into many programs being featured a few years later. However, for the most part, this should give you an idea of how many notable programs were released there over the years (in 2008, there was literally almost nothing) and the evolution from calc to calc. I didn't include POTM, because back then the criterias to feature something were much lower (for example, a quadratic solver could have been featured).

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