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Code Golf - The Reboot #1

Started by pimathbrainiac, June 01, 2015, 12:46:43 pm

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June 01, 2015, 12:46:43 pm Last Edit: June 08, 2015, 11:13:48 am by pimathbrainiac
Hello ladies and gents, welcome to Code Golf! As you probably noticed, I am not JWinslow23 because my name is pimathbrainiac. For those of you who don't know what Code Golf is, I'll tell you. You must write a program in any programming language and make the source as few bytes as possible. There are some rules that you must follow each week.

All programs and source files must be submitted to me via PM by midnight Sunday. Winners will be announced Sunday afternoon, and new challenges appear on Monday.
The program outputs must follow the proper formatting as stated in the week's challenge.
All of your source must be in a single source file. Using certain command-line options to compile code not in your source file is cheating.
Esolangs are okay, but the source must be text.
No drag-and-drop languages, since those can't be counted the same way.

Without further ado: This weeks challenge! (inspired by this challenge, but with a critical twist).

Challenge #1: Counting Code
Write a program that counts the number of occurrences of each unique character in your code and outputs a list of the number of occurrences of each unique character.
No extra white space, with the exception of an optional newline at the end of the program.
The characters listed must be in one of two orders. Either the order of character values in the character encoding used by your language (probably ASCII), or the order the characters appear in your source.
Your program must read its source file.

The hypothetical program {omnimaga}; should produce one of the following outputs:
; 1
a 2
g 1
i 1
m 2
n 1
o 1
{ 1
} 1

{ 1
o 1
m 2
n 1
i 1
a 2
g 1
} 1
; 1

Good luck, and make each character count.

1) Levak- 36 Bytes (Bash)
2) Juju - 44 Bytes (Bash)
3) Adriweb - 53 Bytes (Bash)
4) Cumred_Snektron - 62 Bytes (Python)
4) Ikj - 62 Bytes (Python)
6) Sorunome - 73 Bytes (PHP)
7) Ivoah - 77 Bytes (Python)
8 ) DarkestEx/muessigb - 78 Bytes (PHP)
9) Juju - 84 Bytes (Ruby)
10) Juju - 86 Bytes (Python2)
11) DarkestEx/muessigb - 126 Bytes (html/JavaScript)
12) Scipi - 157 Bytes (C++)

Language Ranking
1) Bash - 36 Bytes
2) Python - 62 Bytes
3) PHP - 73 Bytes
4) Ruby - 84 Bytes
5) html/JS - 126 Bytes
6) C++ - 157 Bytes

Here we go, top three entries and top entry in the top three languages:

history 1|grep -o .|sort|uniq -c|rev

grep -o . a|sort|uniq -c|awk '{print $2,$1}'

sed 's/\(.\)/\1\'$'\n/g' $0|sort|uniq -c|rev|sed '1d'

Tie for Python:
for c in list(set(d)): print c, d.count(c)

for i in sorted(set(f)):print(i,f.count(i))

<?foreach(count_chars(@file(b)[0])as$i=>$n)if($n>0)echo chr($i)." $n\n";

Congrats guys!

Now, we had someone among us who requested not to be listed as a competitor, but his code was the smallest. At 15 Bytes in Pyth, Runer112 had the smallest valid solution, but is not in the competitive group, so the standings above are it.

That's it! I'll post another one later today!
Well, I'm bach here too!


June 01, 2015, 01:47:25 pm #1 Last Edit: June 01, 2015, 03:16:19 pm by Cumred_Snektron
Awesome! This is such a cool thing! I will be participating for sure! :D
Also how about code from system libraries?
Also what about making a custom programming language? :trollface:

also: i'm at 91 bytes already :P
EDIT: 62 now.
Legends say if you spam more than DJ Omnimaga, you will become a walrus...


Wait wat? No scratch? But But so much...


??? ??? ??? ??? ???


Ha ha! Excellent job with the challenge idea, it's sure to be interesting. This is exactly how I imagined a reincarnation of the contest. :)

And nice job with the pun, by the way. I was worried you were trying to byte off more than you could chew. At first I didn't notice the pun, I think my brain's getting number by the minute...but brilliant wordsmithing nonetheless. :P


I've got it down to 168 bytes in C++. Don't think there's much the language will let me do to reduce it further, though. :/ Damn strict typing.



June 01, 2015, 06:42:40 pm #6 Last Edit: June 01, 2015, 07:08:07 pm by Juju
I'm down to 116 85 bytes in Ruby now.
Read Zarmina!
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Also, please remember to PM me with your source to be added to the list. Otherwise, you don't get counted.
Well, I'm bach here too!

DJ Omnimaga

Question, since the next Code Golf contests will be Omni-exclusive, will members of other forums be required to create an Omni account and be disallowed to post about their entry elsewhere? Because in 2011 United-TI did a joint contest with Revsoft and MaxCoderz where contestants were not allowed to cross-post their work on any forum other than United-TI, and this backfired with zero entry.


People will be allowed to post about their entry elsewhere and can PM me from any site for entry, but the topics for each week and the official discussion/q&a will only be on Omni so contestants at least have to check the omni subforum where I'm posting the topics on Monday at least.
Well, I'm bach here too!

DJ Omnimaga

Aah nice to see there's a community contest sub-forum :D. I hope that since you will be busy this Summer that you will still have time to create new contests every week, though, especially considering you can usually barely even find time to do project periodical anymore >.<

Good luck! And good luck to participants too. Code Golf was one of the longest running TI community contest actually.


What about the name? In Ti-Basic and HP PPL the name counts towards the total bytes used :-\



I've brought it down to 157 bytes in C/C++

DJ Omnimaga

Another issue is that on-calc TI-Z80 BASIC uses tokens, so Output( is actually 1 byte instead of 7.

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