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Bored in class, tried to draw a dwarf.

Started by Duke "Tape" Eiyeron, November 25, 2014, 10:33:36 am

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Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

As said before in the title, I was quite bored and seeing the other topics meladey bring back my pen. Here is a draft of what could look Urist McEiyoLobster like. Notice the lobster claws on the hat ^^.

DJ Omnimaga

For some reasons, I picture this guy being very tall ;D

Joking aside, it's not bad so far. Just a question, though: Is the name inspired from a video game in particular?

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

Dwarf Fortress. Urist is one of nthe multiple random names. Urist McXXX is the DF way to call a dwarf by its profession : Urist McFishCleaner, Urist McBoneCarver, Urist McStupidNoble, etc...

I drafted it, I haven't made any effort for.doing it nor keeping proportions. I'm bad at art...

DJ Omnimaga

Aah I see now :D, and I just looked at Dwarf Fortress on Google and woah that is some old-school material! O.O

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

It's the deepest game you could find in the world. It has fluid, smoke simulation, emotion/feeling/stress simulation pathfinding based in goals, jobs and needs, organs and injuries, lots if plants, many many rock type, A WORLD GENERATION WITH THE HISTORY, CIVILIZATION AND PEOPLE SIMULATION!

You have two modes : Fortress where you have to manage a fortress by only marking job zones or orders and dwarves, if the Jon is turned on for they, will do them ( or not, maybe they'll eat, sleep or fight with another dwarf). You have to manage the whole fortress, the many industries, their happiness and then eventual sieges or hidden beasts you could dig into.

The adventure mode is more closer to a roguelike. You take control of a human/dwarf/elf(tree humper), and you'll do oretty much do what you could do : ask for quests, bring then head of the target, beat the village with said head, drink citizen's blood, lick the severed head, etc... You can explore whole world with that character, if you can survive.

Learn and dive into Dwarf Fortress.

DJ Omnimaga

if I play I would probably be more into the adventure mode, since when it comes to building armies and bases I tend to be more into Starcraft style. I like RPGs and adventure games too, although I'm more into JRPGs.


Looks good Eiyeron. :) Also that does sound like a fun game. *.*

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