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Post your game purchases and collection!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, November 24, 2014, 07:50:35 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

I just got I am Setsuna for the Switch the other day. It's the Japanese version since I wanted a physical copy and still  had trade-in credits left but the game's Japan release also plays in English and French


Recently, a lot of old Atari 2600 games got donated to me, with the one condition that I find someone who wants them. I have a couple copies of games like Pac-Man, Space-Invaders, possibly Asteroid, and at least 6 copies of Video Poker. I also got about 6 joysticks, 2 paddle controllers, and a touch pad. I have almost all of the hardware and software to play a bunch of Atari games minus one key detail; I'm missing the console.

Of course I would be able to emulate any 2600 game with ease on PC or mobile, with the added bonus of it technically being legal to own ROMs of it, since I own the games, but there's something alluring about playing them on actual hardware that I want to experience. Whether that be a friend who owns one playing the games with me or getting one myself (hopefully through a flea market or something cheaper than the online collector's market space of Amazon), I'd be interested. Unfortunately my generation being born before the Atari released means finding that friend will be hard.

So the collections so far is approximately as follows:
2 * Pac-Man
1 * Raiders of the Lost Arc
2 * Space Invaders
1 * Asteroid
1 * Missile Command
3 * Video Poker
1 * Tennis
1 * Skiiing
1 * Adventure (yes there's literally a game called adventure)

6 * Joystick
2 * Paddle
1 * Touch Pad

1 * TV-Console switch/adapter


DJ Omnimaga

Nice collection. I hope you can keep at least one game of each and get a console. It's not as fun as the NES overall but some games are still enjoyable to play every now and then.

Also some games looks surprisingly good on that system. Title Match, Solaris and Keystone Cappers (sp?) comes to mind.

DJ Omnimaga

I just got the 2nd Rayman game for Nintendo 64. Gonna see if it's any good later (and trade it in if it's not). Not that N64 games are bad, but since this was the beginning of 3D gaming, the controls often sucked compared to today, especially in first person shooters, and cameras were often bad too.


bought my gamecube number 5 (gave 2 away) aaand controllers number 7  and 8 ^^
*Now I have two Gamecubes in beautiful purple as well as two purple controllers ^.^ <3
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DJ Omnimaga

November 09, 2017, 06:37:20 pm #395 Last Edit: November 09, 2017, 06:40:03 pm by xlibman
Did you buy multiple GCN consoles for a purpose in particular? I know Streetwalrus was into Gamecube modding.

I also got Tiny Barbarian DX for the Switch.


So i found a somewhat broken Game Gear for 25$ with a game with it.The console displayed something and it did not output anything over headphones (at first, see later) when i tried it at the store.
Ended up buying it and challenged myself to try to get it repaired, especially after i hard modded bitboy for CFW.
So here it is, along with 2 more games i bought (Click on pictures to enlarge) :

As you can see, it's in fairly good shape physically, and it even comes with the two battery cover, an unusual feat.
So when i brought it home, i took a more closer look at it.

I realized the volume slider was not turned all the way up.
After plugging a bunch of headphones and trying another game, i could hear the game playing, though the volume of it was very low.
So this was definitely an issue with dead capacitors, a common issue on those consoles.I bought the caps plus a gamebit to disassemble it and i should get them this 21th.

Here it is together with my other handleds :

(From top left to bottom right : TI Nspire CX, PSP, Arcade Mini RS-07, PAP KIIIS, RS-97, New Bittboy v1, Sega Game Gear and the Ritmix RZX-50.
I will let you know if i can get it to work reliably.

DJ Omnimaga

I no longer have any games D: (except a SNES console and some PS Vita games hidden somewhere in @Juju 's home). But that's a long story and I had to sell what I had left due to cash and health issues. >.<


Oh yeah, I almost forgot you had your PS Vita hidden somewhere, I'll try to bring it back eventually :)
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