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New member introductions: Say hello here!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, November 20, 2014, 02:27:09 am

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Hi, I'm Counter! I used to use a TI-84 Plus in high school and wrote a couple dozen short programs for it, but haven't have any calculators since (though I'm now looking at some now that I've found that there are models that treat irrational numbers properly). I've also been using Python the last few years--I'm still slowly learning many of its features--and have lately also been trying to teach myself Elixir.

TruDev invited me here, so I thought I'd go ahead and say hello and hopefully get to know this community!


DJ Omnimaga

Heya and welcome to the forums and Discord server!



December 31, 2018, 10:36:27 am #1143 Last Edit: December 31, 2018, 10:46:52 am by JK008
Hi There!

I'm JK008 (of course, that's not my real name). It's been nearly 10 years since I've discovered the world of wizardry...

I'm not truly a new user. (check my registration date) In fact, I have been checking the latest posts section once in a while for almost a year... (even before getting registered). Frankly, I don't really remember how I found out about codewalr.us.

I've got a Casio PRIZM (CG-20), RPI 2B+, several STM ARM devboards, a mod-chipped PS2 Slim, and, of course, several PCs (Intel-based). I'm an OpenBSD user and a unix type of guy. I've got some electronics too, but I don't really have much plans to get into that.

(I've got a macbook too but, you know, apple in 2010s...)

These days, I'm learning 6502 and NES, and I'll hopefully buy a true clone or a second hand soon as well.

I'm mostly an Art/Math/Design guy rather than Programming/Tinkering/Implementation, so that's what I might ask you guys for help.

Anyway, I'm designing a game these days. I've a few ideas, and currently trying to put together some sketches. Add that to my current 6502 obsession, and you'll have me at 120% of my weekly capacity. I'm slow at reaching hobby-related milestones. Maybe some time later, I'll tell you guys about my project...

Edit#1: Added PS2
Dear Klayman,

You read too much.


Caleb Hansberry

Welcome! I love old systems, I have numerous myself.

DJ Omnimaga


Hello all. I visited because of the TIMGUL archive (recently got into Music Generator) and registered because this looks like a cool place to be.

DJ Omnimaga


March 21, 2019, 01:55:05 am #1148 Last Edit: March 21, 2019, 02:42:17 am by mazhat
Hello! Welcome to the greatest website on earth, as nominated by myself.

Edit: Made an error.


Hello here!

Hi guys. I'm coming over from Omnimaga. My you can call me Atom or Kal. Either or. Or you can use my entire username. meh.

DJ Omnimaga

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