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Walrii fanart [walrus][sprites][pixel art][sprite sheet]

Started by Keoni29, November 22, 2014, 10:44:31 PM

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I drew this last night.

EDIT by DJ: Now all Walrii clones, crossovers and walrus sprites based off Walrii (except duplicates and that infamous rule 34'd Walrii) are available in this post!

"NSFW walruses": ShowHide

If something exists, then there is a walrus of it.

Also, for people who wants to use static versions of those sprites in calculator games, here is a sprite sheet :D

And the default :walrii: facing up and down:

And here is a 3D version by tr1p1ea made with solidFRAME for TI-84+CE:

List of all WalrusIRC Walrii smileys:
Quote :walrii:

So here, among those walrus sprites, you have anything ranging from a walrus Pikachu, Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Garfield, Astérix, Nemo, Nikky, Streetwalrii, LJN logo, a Game Boy Advance, Sonic, Bart Simpsons, a waffle, a rubik cube, a roman, a whale, a cow, a skeleton, zombies, a squirrel, Reuben, Spider-Man, a mage and even country flags such as Canada, USA, France and the Netherlands!
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Pretty cool. I like the shading effects.
Well, I'm bach here too!

DJ Omnimaga

November 22, 2014, 11:20:04 PM #3 Last Edit: November 23, 2014, 01:01:01 AM by DJ Omnimaga
I love it. :D I think it could be nice inside my game. :P (title screen) :walrii:


November 23, 2014, 10:04:15 AM #4 Last Edit: November 23, 2014, 10:50:59 AM by keoni29
Sure you can use this. You might want to trace it though. All done
If you like my work, why not give me an internet?


Nice, I like how it looks once traced. :D

Also lol at the walrii emoticon DJ.

DJ Omnimaga

Woah that digital version looks even cooler!! O.O

For some reasons the mustache vanished, though. :P (but again, the original sprite has none)


Oh right lol, I didn't notice it disappeared. It looks kinda weird like that (though on the 24x24 version it would be impossible to add lol).

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

Where is the upwards thumb? I'd like to upwards thumb!
I'll try later to port it into a monochrome sprite. It's too fun to not use that!

DJ Omnimaga

Lol they are located below your mini-profile. See to the left of people's posts and you should see them, like on Omnimaga.


Sprite color edit :P
If you like my work, why not give me an internet?

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

Haha, zombie Walrii!


Zomrii? Walbie? Zomrii rocks!


Nice color edit I like it. :P

DJ Omnimaga

What happened to his eyes? O.O

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

He's undead, Jim! Don't ask why but ask how instead!

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