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WARNING: DO NOT UPGRADE your TI-83 Premium CE or TI-84 Plus CE to OS 5.5.1 and higher. It removes all compatibility with most games and removes ASM/C programming! DOWNGRADING IS IMPOSSIBLE. BE WARNED! Likewise, do NOT update your TI-Nspire CX past OS 4.5.0, else using Ndless and ASM/C programs will be impossible.

[calcs] Installing Ti-Nspire CX CAS software on non CAS calculators.

Started by Strontium, April 21, 2015, 07:46:34 am

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I've had an idea, but I don't know much about the inner workings of  the Nspire series so I am not sure if it will work:

I tried sending the CAS software to my non-CAS calculator via the CX Student Software, and it refused, saying "wrong OS type". If the only thing preventing the CAS OS from being installed is the CX Student Software saying no, then could you trick the software into sending the CAS OS anyways using a little trickery?

Another reason why I see this a possibility is that you can only send files ending in .tns to the calc, but you can create and rename them to other things (using Ndless programs, of course) to not use .tns. Since the calculator does not check the file type on the calc, maybe the same thing happens with the OS.

I'm not sure if thats even possible, or how it would be done.


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April 21, 2015, 12:44:33 pm #2 Last Edit: April 21, 2015, 12:47:52 pm by pimathbrainiac
I was afraid this topic would exist here.

The majority of the english-speaking community does not/no longer tolerates this. It's morally wrong. Getting around the testing restrictions that make tests fair to everyone is just wrong. The thread on Omni is only ever replied to by other people with the same idea and occasionally solutions anymore, but never by long-standing, well-respected members (with few exceptions). So if you are looking for an answer here:

Well, I'm bach here too!

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

As moderator and this belonging to a gray area which would unplease Ti, I have to make sure that :

- As long as the staff doesn't concert on about this option, I won't tolerate any publications which could allow such modifications
- Ti will be extremely displeased of such moves and will probably accelerates enforcing methods to avoid any 3rd party execution or modifications to the system (in other worlds, ndless will be fought with more aggressive methods and probably motions could be sent to governments or similar organizations to help block these modifications)
- I won't lock this topic but I'm now watching it closely. We already had issues about moving data/programs to the Exam Mode, making it useless and allowing cheating during exams. This won't do here.

As long as the staff won't be sure of what to do, I prefer to use a defensive reaction to such methods. I won't block you from making them for yourselves, but avoid to post there, please. We don't want to have Ti on our back nor pushing students to cheat, we want to push members to be creative by programming projects, games or whatever kicks you up but we won't accept dealing with such problems with the companies we owe that much.


Exactly what Eiyeron said.

Fyi the tricks you mention will go nowhere. The Nspire's protection against os mods is way too strong to be bypassed without finding an exploit in the bootloader to allow patched OS's. Such an exploit exists but it requires an older bootloader which can no longer be downgraded on newer calculators. Unless you're an accomplished electronics and/or computer engineer you'll waste your time trying go do anything about it.

DJ Omnimaga

Tools intended to replace the OS with anything you want including Linux, Mac OS, Nspire CAS, etc, are not against the forum rules, because their purpose is to allow the user to change his OS.

However, tools that are intended to allow people cheating, such as PTTKiller, programs that removes the "CAS" word from the Nspire home menu (present since OS 3.2 IIRC) or that directly circumvents anti-cheating protections or hide them would not be allowed.

Omni and Cemetech allows nLaunchy but support is minimal (usually restricted solely to Linux installing). Same on CW. Unfortunately, the Nspire hardware is so locked down now that anything ressembling nLaunchy will not work anymore, so good luck if you try to make such tool.

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