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New member introductions: Say hello here!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, November 20, 2014, 02:27:09 am

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No. I don't. I only know Hooloovoo. I don't know of a Hooloowalrus :P

* pimathbrainiac runs
Well, I'm bach here too!

DJ Omnimaga

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

Hi Hooloowalrus, feel free to take your own iceberg and bring it here. ;)



DJ Omnimaga


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on December 09, 2014, 05:22:38 pm
Quote from: Streetwalrus on December 09, 2014, 01:35:05 pm
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on December 09, 2014, 03:55:33 am
Welp, we now have 2 walrus O.O

Wait... I thought we were all walruses ? :P
Nah, but Walrii is everywhere. :walrii:

We get off topic easily. I'm not sure if that is a bad thing though.

DJ Omnimaga

Considering what happens with most Omni intro threads, I wouldn't say it's really unusual for this thread. :P

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

s/for this/for all the/

So the Walrii smiley is on? Could you add it to the smiley list?

And hi Hooloowalrus! Don't forget where the fish mine is : behind the third iceberg to the left! ! ;)

DJ Omnimaga

It has been a smiley since the very day I updated emoticons. :P


Read Zarmina!
In the beginning there was walrii. In the end there will be walrii. All hail our supreme leader :walrii: --Snektron

if you wanna throw money at me and/or CodeWalrus monthly it's here

Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

I meant to add it in the smiley list in the post page.

DJ Omnimaga

Nah I prefer to have small, non-psychedelic icons displayed by default.

Technically, SMF also has a pop-up version of the smiley list, but even after over 4 years of experience using SMF I have yet to find that option.


I am a V200 coder on Omnimaga. I made a tutorial site last year (almost exactly one year ago) in school called "Agranovskiy." I named it that because we planned for it to go on (a site my friend used for TSA web design, now the content's gone).

I started coding last year for PA-TSA calculator robots, and now have expanded to using TI BASIC for more useful purposes. I plan not to stop coding at 13, as it has become at least 75 percent of my life :P

I made Dodge with T.Wang (now inactive due to high school busy-ness) and then made Dodge 68k by myself, which is on Omni and I won't post here (yet, I still haven't decided) because the banner says "TI-84+"
Anyway war sucks. Just bring us your food instead of missiles  :P ~ DJ Omnimaga (11.10.2016 20:21:48)

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