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DJ Omnimaga:
To avoid having to create a sub-forum just for introductions and to prevent cluttering the off-topic section, I thought I would make a topic just so that people can introduce themselves in it. It can be bumped as you wish later, I guess.

Anyway I'm far from new in the TI community, but yeah since this site is new, to sum and start things up, I ran Omnimaga, which I founded, from 2001 to 2011, then a short while after retiring I became news editor there until about September 2014, then in October I co-founded this website. I did TI-83+ BASIC for almost 11 years if we exclude hiatuses, some Axe in early 2010 and 2013 and nowadays I mostly do HP PPL on the HP Prime calculator. I also create electronic (semi power-metal style or dance) music since 2002, although I stopped between 2004 and 2006.

So yeah, I guess I'll introduce myself.

I've been programming calcs for almost 8 years although I went online only 2 years ago when I joined Omnimaga. I'm cofounder of CodeWalrus and I'm currently working on Pokespire and Illusiat 11 Axe with aeTIos.

DJ Omnimaga:
Wait, you started calc programming before you were born? O.O Just kidding, but starting 8 years ago would mean you started as young as annoyingcalc on Omnimaga did, although unlike everyone who started under 13 you didn't stop at 13  <_< (people who are 10-12 tend to have a very short interest span compared to older people)

Oh hi I'm Juju and I'm awesome. Been programming calcs since 2005 or so, but only been active online since 2009, then joined Omnimaga in early 2010, then co-founded CodeWalrus in the end of 2014. So yeah, been a while.

Watashi wa aeTIos desu *crackles* Oh, sorry. Apparently my Japanese voice bank was still activated...
So yeah, I'm aeTIos. Started programming calcs once I got my 84+ in august 2010, joined Omnimaga a few weeks later, got obsessed with programming (never really released anything, though :|). After a long break from programming, I now write programs in C for the Nspire. Also, I'm cofounder of Codewalrus.


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