Author Topic: pimath begins learning z80 assembly - the questions thread  (Read 1436 times)

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pimath begins learning z80 assembly - the questions thread
« on: March 08, 2015, 02:56:47 am »
So I began working on z80 assembly a while ago, and failed. This time, I'm going to do it right. This is my questions/learning thread (which will be cross-posted to the other sites).

My setup:
Assembler: spasm-ng
Editor: Notepad++
Plans: I'm going to write a small game I call "World of Code." It will probably just end up being an RPG movement engine and end up stalling, knowing myself. If it turns into a thing, I'll post about it.

Well, I'm bach here too!

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Good to know you're finally getting into it Pi. :D Asm in 28 days is a great tutorial if you already know a few languages (Axe, which you happen to know, being very helpful in particular). I didn't know about this project to enhance it but anyway have fun and feel free to ask away. :)

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As a dutchie i had the luck there was an excellent ASM Tutorial in dutch :) ( There is also an english version, but it's not quite as good :P (
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In the case where the switch from Axe to ASM with ASM in 28 days might be causing problems if you are visual, then some of Hot Dog tutorial might help you understand some Asm concepts since it uses daily life examples. However I would suggest that for memory addresses and anything that involves hexadecimal and decimal numbers that you don't use that tutorial as reference. The standard among ASM coders is to use hexadecimal notation to show addresses, which Hot Dog's tutorial don't do.
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