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What comics do you read?

Started by Yuki, February 28, 2015, 10:21:02 pm

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I read quite a few comics on the web, here's the ones I follow regularly.

Pretty sure everyone knows xkcd here. If not, read it. This one is known in the TI community for its infamous comic #768.

Homestuck, although started nearly 6 years ago and been on hiatus for more than a year, is one of the longest webcomics out there. It's one of my favourites, despite its highly confusing storyline, but it's worth reading it. There's also a game based on it coming soon in Spring that I preordered back in 2012, looks pretty nice so far.

This one is quite nice. And is made in Quebec. (In fact, you can recognize some Quebec City places in the background.)

Ask Fluffle Puff
This one is cute. And weird. But it's cute.

The Oatmeal
This one is pretty much slice of life/informative/random stuff, but it's interesting and pretty popular.

Le Pharmachien
Another one made in Quebec (and in French), this one is ran with an actual pharmacist who attempts to demystify medical and scientific myths in the form of a webcomic. Very interesting, if you speak French.

So yeah, I might have forgotten many more, feel free to add your favourites. Also woo, 413th post on CW.
Read Zarmina!
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Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

I read xkcd too but I also read

SMBC, Saturday Mroning Breakfeast Cerela, a comic about random thing and d***-jokes(sic). Exists in French flavour too.
Questionnable Content, a comic about bunch of dudes variying to plain normal to maniaco-crzay about cleaning. Also a long comic with a storyline.
Oglaf (NSFW), comic started as a sex-comedy, became a comic about random topics, eventually about sex things. Never go to Ice Queen's Parloir.
COmmitStrip, the comic about developpers. Exist in French and English flavours. 5So, I'm gonna write flavour like British?)
Megatokyo, a comic hard to follow (and not so updated) about two americans getting to Japan to avoid problems they caused. HArd to follow because there are multiples poitns of view aaaand.. RENT-A-ZILLA! (-_(//));
Penny Arcade, do I really have to introduce them? The well known duo about video games and much more.
The Adventures of Business Cat, a small comic where a classical CEO is actually a cat.
Lackadaisy, it started well but suffers of a lack of updates.
Awkward Zombie, comic about games, expect humour there.
BLue Milk Special, comic about parodying the SW original trilogy. It's a special one because I'm not a hard SW fan but they provide explanation of private jokes. FOllowing for the craziness of the thing (dude, R2D2's inside actor flipping a bird to show R2D2 arguing to C3PO.
Dissonnance, seemed to have an interresting story, got update anemia.
VGCats, for the lulz. I also read their spin-off, Super Effective, because bitch he trippin' balls!
Explosm/Cyanide&Happiness, because it's mean, evil but addictively fun.

I also read Calvin&Hobbes and Garfield as classical newspaper comics. I like to have much comics to read just when I'm waking up. it became a sort of hobby and habit.

DJ Omnimaga

I should try a bunch of those. I knew some of them but not all of them. The issue I have with every comic I read so far on the Internet is that I never understand the jokes, which isn't as much of an issue in kids comics. XKCD (aside from a few exceptions) and Homestuck come to mind.

岩倉 澪

xkcd, oglaf, dinosaur comics, Doodle Time by Sarah Andersen, and wolf pupy

I also like but don't actively follow cyanide & happiness, and pusheen the cat if that counts.
Commit Strip had some good ones but it was kind of hit and miss to me.
I tried to read homestuck once and I was pretty into it but I think I got discouraged by the huge size of it and the crazy fan culture

DJ Omnimaga

What do you mean by crazy fan culture? Do you mean the fanbase usually behaves in questionable ways like for example how people in Youtube comments does? Or do they do really weird stuff?


The Homestuck fanbase is probably nearly as big as the brony one, so obviously you have some immature people who will ruin your experience, but still, since weird stuff happens in the comic, the fanart is equally as weird. Oh also don't forget to apply grey paint correctly if you're doing cosplays.

I remember last year when I attended a Homestuck panel at a local convention, they just talked about these trolls (actual trolls, not the species as depicted in the comic)  who gives Homestuck a bad name, how to avoid them and the disastrous results when you don't apply grey paint correctly. And I went with some friends who didn't read it and they understood nothing (other than relating with the brony fandom where similar thing happens).

Anyway, if you ask me about the story, I'd probably be confused since so much stuff happens.
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DJ Omnimaga

What is the grey paint thing about? And I see about the fanbase. Sometimes some fandoms or hobbies have many obnoxious or undesirable fans which ruins the experience for everyone else, although at least with comics it's easy to avoid participating to the community altogether, which is impossible with a game like Starcraft or Halo where you interact with those people directly.


March 01, 2015, 08:11:10 pm #7 Last Edit: March 01, 2015, 08:14:28 pm by Juju
Some characters have grey skin, so you'll obviously want to paint yourself grey if you want to accurately cosplay as one of them.

And the worst are convention-goers, if you're undesirable and obnoxious to the point to get banned from those conventions, it may definitely give a bad name to your fandom.
Read Zarmina!
In the beginning there was walrii. In the end there will be walrii. All hail our supreme leader :walrii: --Snektron

if you wanna throw money at me and/or CodeWalrus monthly it's here

DJ Omnimaga

 ArenAren't those people usually hidong behind a computer to do theidor crap? Most people are too scared to do it in people's face. I am sure I could cound on one hand for eexample how many trolls from GeekQCGeekQC would actually troll IRL.

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