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How do I even synth

Started by unknownloner, February 02, 2015, 02:25:44 AM

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I've started to try and learn what FL Studio can do recently, and learn how to music too.

Here's my first shot at something more than 5 seconds

Oh also this too for lols


DJ Omnimaga

I am confused at the topic title. Are you asking how does one synth or do you mean you are showcasing how you actually do it?

Anyway nice sound. Does it use a VST plugin or presets?


To answer your first question: yes
To answer your second, combination of presets and combining filters and whatnot.


DJ Omnimaga

February 02, 2015, 04:42:02 AM #3 Last Edit: February 02, 2015, 04:49:23 AM by DJ Omnimaga
Aah ok. I myself use VST plugins for more freedom, although when I do it's not in FL Studios and I usually only use free ones (most are expensive). One I liked a lot was the one that came with Magix Music Maker 2008 and was called Revolta 2 or something. I used it to do my song Everest.

There was a thread somewhere on Omni with full of free VST plugins, but they were much more limited and I don't know if the links still work.

EDIT: They don't, but they're still available elsewhere on the site: . If I recall correctly, Euro Blast from the Past used some of those, while both Everest and STHUMFSOB used Revolta 2+some crappy drum VST. The rest of my discography used softwares from Jester Interactive and CodeMasters.


Well tonight was a fun night!

Still have no idea what I'm doing but I think I like it :D



I didnt even realize that those vsti's from music maker are compatible with other software. I should try using them with fl-studio.
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DJ Omnimaga

Keoni29 it depends. If you meant Revolta 2, it's possible that it isn't and I'm unsure if it even works in any version besides MM14/2008, since it was not included in any other. It won't hurt to try, though, but good luck finding the VST online >.<

The stuff I linked above is not necessarily for MM, because Necro was using FL Studios IIRC and I used Sony ACID Music Studios by then.


VSTs by design should be compatible with everything that support VSTs.
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DJ Omnimaga

There can sometimes be some issues, though. For example, if your music development environment lacks some features required by the VST plugin, then it probably won't even play a sound. Same if that music software doesn't run properly on your system (for example, Reaper had no sound at all on my XP machine)

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