Author Topic: Favorite Chess opening (if you play chess)  (Read 1374 times)

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Favorite Chess opening (if you play chess)
« on: February 18, 2015, 02:46:05 am »
What's your favorite Chess opening and what side do you prefer playing it from?

I like the Sicilian Dragon but as White. But most people don't play by the book <_<

I sometimes play the King's Gambit because I'm an aggressive player.
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Re: Favorite Chess opening (if you play chess)
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2015, 05:08:59 am »
I like the Age of Empire II opening,  it's a chess battle!
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Re: Favorite Chess opening (if you play chess)
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2015, 07:09:41 am »
I'm not a strong chess player and haven't studied opening theory much, but I play Reti as white. I explored double fianchetto, which led me to the Hungarian (of which I liked g3 -> Bg2 -> Nf3), but I felt it more direct/forceful to lead with the knight, and I find it allows for a more dynamic kind of play where development can respond well to what the opponent plays, though I don't fianchetto the bishop nearly as often now.
Here are a couple games I played against the (weak, but suitable for my level) AI of the program "p4wn2" <- When I was opening with the Hungarian <- nice game played just the other day

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Re: Favorite Chess opening (if you play chess)
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2015, 11:26:51 pm »
E2-E4 as white ^^
jk, I'm quite good at chess but I don't really play openings. I know there's stuff like Prussian gambit or so but that's where my knowledge of openings stops :P
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