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Video game youtube channels worth watching

Started by gameblabla, August 08, 2019, 12:38:21 AM

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August 08, 2019, 12:38:21 AM Last Edit: August 08, 2019, 12:46:29 AM by gameblabla
I thought it would be nice to compile a list of quality video game channels for those who are procrastinating.
Here are my favorites :

Must watch

Modern Vintage Gamer

Very technical, focuses on implementation of software & hardware as well as the hacking story and others of video game consoles.
He's also a programmer who ports homebrew to CFW enabled consoles.

8-Bit Guy

Focused on Retro gaming and old computers. Quality editing with some interesting content, he tends to make long videos.
Like MVG, he's also a programmer, though he has a focus on old hardware. He made the Planet X series for the C64 and MS-DOS computers.

Game Sack

A show with each episode focusing on a theme. It used to be hosted by Joe & Dave but Dave has since left the show.
It's still great though, even with Joe alone. I was afraid it was going to be him streaming all day.

Fairly good


Frequent videos about retro gaming and sometimes new games with other related news as well.
He's not as knowledgeable as the 8-Bit guy or MVG though but he's not a noob either.
He likes to share his opinions about video games (especially obscure ones !) and is somewhat optimistic.
His hidden gems series in particular is very interesting to watch.
I would recommend most of his videos.


His repair videos (Open Cart Surgery) are interesting, though it kind of gets boring after a while.
I would recommend you still give it a shot though.


The main show is, of course hilarious, but outside of that it's a mixed bag.
I'm not a huge fan of most Matt Matei's videos for example.
I also not a fan of them sitting around and playing games because well, playthrough in themselves are pretty boring.
Still, most of it is quality.


The opposite of youtubers like 8-Bit Guy or MVG.
Little to no technical details, very focused on emotions regarding video games and the quality behind them.
He also likes to share his old memories and is a fan of the Ys series.
If you like that kind of content though, it's pretty good.

John Hanc***
Similar to MetalJesusRocks, though more focused on retro games. He frequently releases content.
He's a huge video game collector (has plenty of rare items) and sometimes talks about current events related to video games;
Worth a watch in a while, especially given that he was involved in some events.


Obviously a huge nintendo fan with interesting top videos, tutorials, rebuttals and news about on going events.
Some of his videos are worth a watch.


He makes good videos for the most part, although it's a far cry from his older days in my opinion...
He also should do some more research at times because some of his info can be inaccurate.
(or at times, he does not in depth to much. Probably to avoid getting his ass bitten)
Despite this though, it's still decent for the most part.

(But i dare not to watch his souilja videos as i've been involved in the software of some of the handleds in question)

Inactive (or somewhat/changed focus)

Game Dave

His famicorner videos were very good but his videos outside of that are less interesting sadly.
He since became a father so i'm afraid we won't see more videos of that kind.

Obsolete Geek

Videos on old obscure hardware (and sometimes not), decently made. Sadly, he stopped making videos a year ago.


Former traveler's tales worker, with very technical videos on old consoles, weird tricks and so on.
He does not release videos often sadly.

Let me know if i forgot some of them
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August 08, 2019, 06:22:13 AM #1 Last Edit: August 09, 2019, 05:57:27 AM by Juju
Let me add some of my favourites you didn't mentioned here cause why not. Also some of them are not in English, I'll mark them with a (fr) for those who speaks French here.


LGR reviews a lot of old stuff, weird oddities and the bunch of IBM PC stuff bought from Goodwill. Must watch, very recommended.

Joueur du Grenier (fr)

Started out as pretty much the French version of AVGN, but he soon got his own personality as he got slimmer, and his reviews got less of just a review of a bad game but he also goes out of his way to deliver a good video so it's pretty entertaining to watch. Or so I think.

BenzaieTV (fr)

He mostly reviews special editions of newer games in his show Hard Corner, but his character of a clerk in a video game store is really funny.

Game Grumps

I watch them more for their comedy than for them playing games, but they get real funny when they do. Also I think Dan is one of the best vocalists out there, so uh, it's kinda offtopic but listen to Ninja Sex Party.

C'est Nous Qu'on Joue (fr_CA)

See Game Grumps, but in Canadian French and I actually watch them playing games all the time. They also used to have a channel named Je Joue Le Jeu where they used to AVGN-style review Japanese import games, but that show mostly ended so they just play games Game Grumps-style instead. (Fun fact: I had a cameo on that channel back in 2015 and I had some poutine with them and Minty Root.)

The Resellers

It's a web series about two friends who owns a pawn shop and some shady stuff happens. It's pretty funny. New episode every Monday. (Fun fact: Qarl was killed by Flavien back in 2004 in one of my favourite movies of all times, Dans une Galaxie près de chez vous. It's canon. Well, my headcanon, at least.)

Le Jeu C'est Sérieux (fr_CA)

Used to be mostly let's plays, but nowadays it's mostly Guiz (aka Qarl from The Resellers, which used to be his English channel with random stuff but now it pretty much became Jerome's for his movies) showing off his collection and shop finds. He also mods and repairs NESes (which also get featured on The Resellers episodes, they always somehow find a way to fit that into the narrative) which is really interesting to see. That or Laurent shows you how to play Minesweeper.


Kinda like LGR and the 8-Bit Guy, he's into tech history and repairs, showing some odd computers and the occasionnal Amiga. Also nice to watch.


His Something About... animations are really, really funny. And stupid. But funny.

Hat-Loving Gamer

Another gaming animator, but this one is more interesting because of highly-realistic crossovers.


He breaks games just to see what's going on out of bounds.


He reviews glitches and also compares 3D models of Mario and such over time, it's pretty interesting.

dwangoAC, keeper of TASBot

The guy behind mostly every TASBot blocks at the GDQs and tries to explain how TASes work.

pannenkoek2012 / UncommentatedPannen

That guy is a goldmine of information about Super Mario 64 and how to break the game. No longer posts on his main channel because he's not really taking up the mic anymore to give a course about how that mechanic works or something, but he's still pretty interesting on his second channel. Also became a meme for some reason involving parallel universes and half A presses.


See pannenkoek, but he breaks Paper Mario instead.

Testeur Alpha (fr_CA)

EDIT: I knew I forgot one on this list. See Joueur du Grenier but he also got his own character, which is pretty cool as well. He's not as active on YouTube as he once was his last review was like last year, but... new episode tomorrow. Or so I heard. I watched it on his Twitch channel.


I didn't really added it on this list at first since he's not doing exclusively videogames anymore, but that guy is hilarious. (Also, @gameblabla, he also reviewed the Soulja Boy handheld, so yeah.)

So yeah, there's probably some I missed, and some I'd put there along them but there's not really into videogames, but I guess it does the job.
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You guys got all the good ones, but there is one that I like called
Retro Game Mechanics Explained. It reminds me of GameHut.
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DJ Omnimaga

Recently I've been watching Top Hat Gaming Man because he showcases a lot of obscure game consoles from the 90's or early 2000's.
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