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Dr. Josiah Ryan Winslow - the talking psychology bot

Started by JWinslow23, December 16, 2018, 03:26:10 am

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From the maker of 8K Adventure and CHELSEA for the TI-84+ CE calculator comes an actual functioning website that accomplishes everything that CHELSEA couldn't!

Dr. Josiah Ryan Winslow

(No, that's not his name. It stands for Javascript Operator Specializing In Automatic Handling of Responses You Are Notating and Writing In Neatly Spaced Lower Output Windows. But just call him Dr. Josiah for short.)

He is an online chatbot that you can talk to, and he actually talks to you back! The replies he gives are converted from text to speech using deep learning technology provided by Lyrebird. He is guaranteed to provide you with hours of a fun-adjacent feeling!

The link to the website is here. Alternatively, if you want to have an easily shareable link, use either or


I have a sense of déjà vu here...

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Dr. Sbaitso!

Anyway, nice thing you did with your voice :)
Read Zarmina!
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The aesthetic was influenced heavily by another student in my IT classes. He is very amused by the real Dr Sbaitso, and also wants to make his own version of it for a class project. (My own version wasn't a class project, however; it was literally just a demonstration for him of how Flexbox in CSS could be used to give the layout he wanted.)


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Lmaoo buddy what is thisss 🤣
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