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Become an indie developer on the PSN (Sony Playstation)

Started by gameblabla, September 13, 2018, 12:06:55 pm

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Hello guys,i'm currently working on a PS Vita game (still in early stages though !) and i would like to (eventually) publish it on the PSN.
However, while becoming a dev on the Ouya, Firefox marketplace (both now dead) and Google Play store was fairly easy,
Sony asks for much more information than either those so i'm not sure where to begin first.

I heard that @Juju became a Nintendo dev though, so perhaps if you or anyone else could help me certification, that would be nice.

For example, Sony asks for a document describing planned projects for PlayStation platforms. How it should be written ?

I saw mobile ports on the PS4 PSN store and even RPG maker-like games on the PS Vita store so i wondered how those people got in... Any ideas ?


Nintendo didn't asked a lot either, they basically asked what I want to do with that, I just said, I wanna port some indie games of mine and they just said yes. Well, of course, I couldn't really figure out how their software works and I probably had to buy a $1000 devkit to do anything meaningful even if I hacked my normal, non-dev Wii U/3DS, so I didn't really do anything useful with that.

So yeah, just tell them what kind of stuff you're planning to do even if it sounds like bulls*** and they'll probably say yes. Again, I don't really know what they expect, but eh, you can try.
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Ah i see, so it wasn't that hard... But i still don't think that Sony will be as kind as Nintendo.

Does Nintendo require you to be at least a Sole Trader ? Because Sony does. (Thankfully that's the case for me at least)
I'll probably wait until i make some more progress but it looks like it's not as scary as it sounds.

Btw, i did look at whenever Nintendo was accepting new developers/publishers for the Wii U on physical discs:
They do not since 2016. (Confirmed by Limited Run themselves...)

I do not know if that's the case for the 3DS though but if you can't develop for that thing without an official devkit then yeah,it sucks.

(I don't think they would accept homebrew format for games anyway, .3dsx ? Doesn't hurt to try i suppose)

In any case, i'll make more progress on the game then i'll submit a document at least i hope end of this month.Let's cross fingers !


Been a while I looked at this (as in, before the Switch came out), but yeah, it's the same form for every kind of company, and if you're a sole trader you probably just can make up things and/or register under your own name instead of a company name, it's not very scary at all. Dunno if that part changed, though, but one sure thing though, Wii U support died as soon as the Switch came out. 3DS should still be a thing. And no, don't think you can submit homebrew formats, Nintendo really want their own format (something like packed CIA or something) with a ton of metadata that says exactly how your game is going to be distributed and isn't really compatible with homebrew loaders, I think. They want to make sure it works on a devkit before submitting your game to them.

Sony probably have a similar pipeline, so good luck.
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September 17, 2018, 09:38:29 pm #4 Last Edit: September 17, 2018, 10:02:49 pm by gameblabla
f***ing hell, it's worse than i expected. Sony is already running out of cartridges for 2018 according to Limited Run games.Which is why they had to limit Salt & Sanctuary to only 1800 units... However, they made no such announcement for the PS3.
An opportunity perhaps ?
In any case, i can turn to Hong kong (e.g eastasiasoft) should it stop by March 2019.(I feel like i won't have enough time for making a decent game by then)
I'll ask them some questions asap.

Also as far the 3DS was concerned, you're right. It seems they only accept the CIA format.

In fact with a CFW, it's possible to export a Unity game through the 3DS export module and run it.

(It also turns out that Unity can run on the old 3DS, just with severe limitations)

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