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Author Topic: YukiOS  (Read 148 times)

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« on: October 15, 2018, 02:34:59 am »
Yet another thing I started working on that have been on my mind since a while. (I do a lot of stuff lately please stop me)

Basically, it's an operating system that runs in your browser. It consists of a kernel written from scratch in JavaScript that sets up an interface (currently a VT100-like terminal, can later be a canvas to draw on and do OpenGL stuff on kinda like X) and defines a bunch of syscalls (mostly interfaces between the DOM and threads). It then creates a WebWorker (which also defines interfaces between the program and the kernel, think a standard library or a libc) that executes a WebAssembly program (an init program, basically) which can in turn call other programs in their own WebWorkers. The main thread creates every other thread and can therefore keep track of processes like a normal operating system. (Kinda hard to explain, but yeah, if you read the code it's probably simple enough to figure it out.)

Basically (where <=> is a bunch of interfaces between each other): DOM <=> Kernel <=> WebWorkers <=> WebAssembly

WebAssembly binaries can be compiled with LLVM/Clang (see the makefile, target wasm32-unknown-unknown-wasm). In any case, it should import kernel functions (those defined thread-level when calling the binary) and export a main function that will get executed and return a return value.

So, pretty much like a real operating system. Or at least, a framework for multi-threading in C in a webpage.

Check it out on GitHub, right now it only prints some sort of Hello World but I'll put it online when it's going to be a bit more usable: https://github.com/juju2143/YukiOS


- Multithreading
- Keeps track of processes
- Quebec Bill 101-compatible open-source license
- Small binaries written in C (no Emscripten)
- It's in your browser!
- Small and readable source code

To do
- Read user input
- Filesystem
- Graphics
- Other misc. stuff, as needed when porting software

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