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PS Vita/TV hacking scene : What's new

Started by gameblabla, September 01, 2018, 12:01:46 am

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September 01, 2018, 12:01:46 am Last Edit: September 01, 2018, 12:30:44 am by gameblabla
Oi guys, so a bit of backstory.
Basically, it all kickstarted when Henkaku got released for firmware 3.60.

This CFW allows more for possibilities including :
-  Editing the whitelist for PSTV devices
- Run homebrew games
- Run games with DRMs stripped (backups in other words)
- Software modification for games (like overclocking, theming etc...)

So yeah, after this happened, a new exploit got released for firmware 3.65 and firmware 3.68.
Unlike the previous one, which was only temporary though still not too much trouble, it's possible to have a permanent CFW on firmware 3.65.

The new CFW brings in PSN spoofing, as well as a proper plugins system allowing for more possibilities.
For example, increasing/decreasing the internal resolution for some PSVita games or overclocking GPU/CPU.
And of course, still run homebrew games... Endless possibilities.

One of the nice surprises for the PS Vita was a fully fledged port of... AM2R, the metroid 2 remake that was released for Windows and now Android !
A bunch of hackers apparently took the Game Maker studio Vita runtime and managed to make it run with AM2R.
It is shockingly good and actually a decent game on the PS Vita/TV, it almost made me wish for a Limited run release !

There's also a port of Retroarch for it, though it is not the best speed-wise but should be sufficient for 16-bits consoles and below that.
And of course, it's now possible to play PSP games with better dual analog support via the Adredaline PSP CFW for the Vita.

Be warned though :

it is very hard to run the payload on linux (you need to have samba fully working) so i ended up using Windows for that temporarely...  You also need to create a PSN account but it's not needed to activate it. (i'm afraid it could raise Sony a few eyebrows, ugh)

But given that this device is dead and that they even stopped manufacturing cartridges, it's worth violating the terms and conditions.

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