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Funny Books I write with my friends

Started by rowan_futurerave, August 11, 2018, 07:37:10 pm

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So me and my friends have been working on some funny books since I have been away... two are finished and one more is on its way. They are all based around UK Hardcore DJs (who we love)./ We do take the micky out of them though, A LOT. but we take the micky out of ourselves. lol heres the links for the pages.. in order they were made.

http://riot-wreck.com/ - the joey riot book

http://riot-wreck.com/game.php - notes for a joey riot boardgame. quick to read

http://riot-wreck.com/sbts.php - the scott brown book - mostly short chapters

http://riot-wreck.com/deepunder.php - the marc smith book which is not complete

i hope you have fun
(warning: contains swearing)

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