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World Of DJ Omnimaga CD 1

Started by rowan_futurerave, August 11, 2018, 04:46:02 PM

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So after a spell not being on here at all, I have amassed quite a good (for me) selection of DJ sets using my XDJ700s. They are at ...

I am currently prepping to record a mix of DJ Omnimaga's excellent hardcore tunes! haha and here is a label I made for my cd  printer!

well the image is attached, its of a funny dog

DJ Omnimaga

As I said on Discord, go for it :)


Well ok but I do have a slight issue with that here goes - I reckon quite a few mix cds could be made easily of your stuff - but then if they are free for people to download then what motivation is there for people to buy your albums (which are unmixed) - that is where my problem is - it wouldnt be fair. So I could maybe do one CD like that - but any more than that then i would insist that the mixes are sold by you with me as guest DJ taking maybe half a percent of the profits lol. Up to you  ;)

DJ Omnimaga

They still have to buy the tracks if they want them unmixed actually, so there's that. You could upload the mix on Youtube too.


So be it I will release one CD [free] and make a video for Youtube with links to your bandcamp... seems appropriate!
Anyone here got experience making Youtube videos which arent just a single pic? Thats all I can do lol


Read Zarmina!
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Sounds like an excuse for another juju-kotu collab  <_<


April 01, 2019, 02:59:40 AM #7 Last Edit: April 01, 2019, 09:41:28 PM by rowan_futurerave
Am looking at pulling a studio mix together on this, although have been recording a few too many errors so far lol..... maybe the studio edit will the factor it needs..... (DJ Omnimaga - lol)

Anywhere here is a photo I just took....

The mix is actually better than I thought.... beefing it up with some chorus and some reverb too on my multitrack recorder..... just need to re-recoprd the first part of the mix and get a decent version of that down.... might be ready for upload to Youtube today sometime .... will keep you all posted in here and in the chat. Woot


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