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Pseudo 3D in RPG Maker 2003 (and other Superstar Hero experiments)


DJ Omnimaga:
60 FPS


That last one was overkill, thanks to the rotation effect and the fact it's basically 60 images rotating simultaneously at high zoom (I wanted to see how far the software could be pushed). xd Other than that I am just experimenting for possible Superstar Hero additions (maybe 3D Tunnel levels/missions in the game, like those robot fight bosses in Mystical Ninja for the Nintendo 64.

How are you accomplishing these graphics? They look super cool, but I read that RPG Maker 2003 is for 2D graphics.

DJ Omnimaga:
I just draw multiple images on top of each others to create a 3D effect. Graphics at times might be pretty similar to Zepton for PICO-8 but with some textures here and there.

EDIT: Here is an animated GIF showcasing it in action, but it's much faster in game (60 FPS)


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