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Google banned Rubby Bird 100 for not being mature enough

Started by gameblabla, July 06, 2018, 06:34:03 pm

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After trying to resubmit my game Rubby Bird 100 for not complying with their COPPA rules;
Google rejected it again... for not being mature enough.
They say that the ads much match the game's content. This rule is actually very new and it's the first time it hit me.
So what are my solutions :

  • Forbid mature content. I would get much less money if i do that...

  • Remove ads altogether. I won't get any money at all

  • Make the game more violent. Might turn off some people but then again, my hands are tied...

Since i have no choice, i'm making my game more bloodier. So thank Google for that...
Expect bleeding birds and horrible screams of pain in the future !


You have to remember, though, that making the game a higher age rating will reduce your playerbase. This means fewer people to watch your ads over and over. If you forbid mature content in your ads, you have less ads to run, but a wider audience to play them to.

Of course, it all depends on your expected playerbase and goals for monetization.

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